Twin Flames Kiss Book

twin flames kiss book

We've not published much on the site for a while as we've been busy focusing on finishing our book. It's the spiritual story of the dark times we both went through, and the incredible experience of finally meeting your twin flame. Well we finally finished it, and it has been published online.

We didn't just want to write about the amazing way we met, and deep connection we found with each other. We wanted to also write about the spiritual journey before that, and the dark times we both went through as we worked our way along through life and all it's dramas. We wanted to reach out to others who still may be going through similar dark times, being abused, demeaned, feeling awful, lost or disillusioned, to show we went through those too, and to not give up. There really can be a happy ending and light at the end of tunnel.

We get asked and emailed all the time about different aspects of finally finding your twin flame, and so the second half of the book is all about that. The part synchronicity played, the 1,000s of texts, the endless chat, the 6 hour phone calls, the lights appearing in the room, as we discovered a connection like no other before. And then moving mountains to be together, the airports and flights, throwing in our homes and job with nowhere to live, other than a commitment to be together anyway we could, forever.

We have both each written chapters from the male and female viewpoints, as we battled through the darkness in life searching for 'the one'. We have written about many things that happened along the way, some only a few pages to a chapter, but we hope it will help and encourage others to not give up searching for 'the one', and finding true happiness. We truely believe you can too.

It can be found in paperback or e-pub here:

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