twin flames kiss

Is it necessary for this situation to be so hurtful?

Thu 22 Jan 2015 23:16

By: Troy

Hi I met my twin flame just over a year ago. We instantly hit it off, it was like we had known each other all our lives and we both felt it. The very first time I looked into her eyes I knew she was the one and she said the same. Our relationship was strong and intense, we loved each other unconditionally, we shared the same sense of humour and many of the same interests and hobbies. Being together always felt so comfortable, I have never felt so close or comfortable with anyone and the sex was incredible, we made love and it was always mind blowing. She even had lucid dreams about an astral entity who said he was linked to me eternally and that when she hugged him he felt exactly like me and we both had experiences where we felt the very real and tangible presence of the other even though we weren't there. However, on several occasions she tried to end our relationship because my lifestyle was not compatible with hers. We lived in seperate towns, I don't own a car, my work took up lots of my time and I never had any money. She, on the other hand is a single mother who left her husband of ten years six months before we met, he had mental illness and she cared for him for years until the break down in their relationship finally forced her to leave him. Recently, while we were in a really good place with our relationship she finally asked for a break, saying that we both have things to focus on in our lives , me especially(I have just started a new career and have moved to a town nearer her) , and that the time apart will help me grow and develop the life I need. Within a couple of days she was convinced the break needed to be more permanent but that she wanted us to remain close and in regular contact. She stressed how much she loved me and how sacred our relationship was to her. Since then she has changed, she told me to not become emotionally distant and to keep my love for her but then she became distant and started putting up barriers, I became increasingly depressed and she became increasingly distant, concentrating on all her personal goals. We spoke recently and she was really nasty to me. A lot of what she said about me lacking life experiences and living in my comfortzone for too long is true but she was cold and harsh and actually quite hostile. It seems that she now resents me and doesn't even want to be friends with me. I am exhausted and depressed. I feel certain that we are right for each other and that she needs this time to grow as a person, to find herself after the troubles of the last few years. She deserves to focus her energy on herself for a change but the hostility is painful to take. She is so focussed on her goals and her own life now that she seems to have become very selfish, cold and arrogant, she is not the same person I fell in love with. Is this part of the runner phase? I know I have a journey to complete and some developing to do and would not have realised that if not for her but is it necessary for this situation to be so hurtful? Why has she changed so much? ...Troy

Sat 30 Mar 2013 17:09

By: Mark and Claire xx

The simple response is.. what could be more important than finding your twin and being with them? Person goals? Honestly?

It takes two to make a relationship work, and one to break it up. If she wants to be distant, or not see you, you can't force her. Best thing is just get on with your life and be happy. If she really is your twin, we don't understand why she would be rejecting being with you. If you meet your twin, you've just GOT to be with them. ...Mark and Claire xx




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