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My TF hates me

Thu 22 Jan 2015 20:56

By: Mia

My TF hates me, he finds every opputmrtunity to humiliate and disrespect me,but despite his worst behaviour i am unable to stop loving him. We are married to different people, and we really dont have a relationship. Sometimes he s kind,loving,sensitive, while the other times he s a demon. We share an extreme telepathy, but he denies it all. I m lost. I have stopped trying to make a connection with him. I have stopped trying to make him see it or anything at all. I just continue to love him,cause i am unable to stop. But that irritates him, he doesnt like it that i love him. He pushes me further away, or finds a way to insult me when i m loving towards him. What should i do ? Help. Thanks in advance for ur answer. ...Mia

Thu 25 Dec 2014 09:42

By: Mark and Claire xx

Hi Mia,

Thanks for writing to us.

So what is it that makes you think he really is your twin flame? We have both experienced heavy duty infatuations before we met, but when you meet your twin it is way beyond that, or anything that has gone before.

Early on we spoke about what we would do if we had met and had been married to others at the time, and quickly knew we would BOTH have had to leave them immediately so we could be together. When you meet your twin, you know it and are compelled to, and it is the same on both sides. That is not to say it would be the same for others, we are all on our own journeys, but that is how it is/was for us.

Your twin can bring out your final unworked on Fears, which can be challenging, but would never want to hurt you or treat you with distain. All you can do is be Love, and Love yourself too (glad to hear your say you have stopping throwing yourself at him), and it will become evident to you if he really is your twin, and if not move on and be free and available for your real twin to come into your life. Look after yourself and take care.
...Mark and Claire xx

Fri 26 Dec 2014 05:38

By: Mia

Thanks for writing back. How i know he s my twin, well i got that as my answer after i meditated on it. I have had lot of infactuations in my life, nothing stands close to what i have with him. Now i know what love can really feel like. I did not know abt twin flame before that answer. There are many many coincidences, synchroncities between us, telepathic experiences which he is aware of, but does nothing about, maybe due to fear or what exactly i am not too sure. What i know for sure is, that he is my twin flame, i speak to his higher self through meditation and its always a moving experience. The next day he would be kind and loving, but just a glimpse of my love and he runs. I am tired. I never lower myself for anyone in my life, but with him, its immediate, its like my unconditional love for him knows no bounds and just breaks free despite my restraint. I have been able to use that love towards everyone else in my life, towards people who have hurt me and such, but what i really am not able to handle is that i cant be part of the love,he so freely shares with others around him. Its like i am jealous i cant be part of it. There is a friend (note: not his wife, but a friend) who is possessive of him, and never fails to rub it in for me,maybe she senses the connection, i am not too sure. The telepathy between us is incredible, we ll just look at each other as soon as one enters the room, from one end of the room, with absolute certainity in terms of timing. We wud connect online, or message or call at the exact moment. Its like we live in each others head, partly why i feel he s scared. My heart chakra gets activated when he thinks of me, i am not sure if he feels the same. This has gone on for the last 8 months, with one coincidence or another, happening everyday. I will move away from him in a month, we work together now. It was also an answer i received during meditation that i shud move away from him, in order that he realizes the connection,but i dont know if i can honestly go thru with it. I have learned so much thru this connection, but going forward i dont know what i shud pray for. Sometimes, out of hurt and the pain, i tell him(his higher self), we'll never meet again, but something tells me, he will find his way to me in sometime. We are from the same country but different parts of it, now looking back, i was to shift to his city, but plans changed, he s worked in my city, for a short time, very close to my house, but i was originally in another country, but i was visiting my town for my marriage in the sametime,he was there,but we missed each other. Now we are in a different country, yet i was the first person,he was asked to contact for emergencies (looking back, looks like i was being told of his arrival), he never contacted me, when he joined, i still remember not being able to take my eyes off him. He is still the most beautiful thing i have seen in my life. He sat right across me into another team, and everytime i would wish i could get closer to him, which manifested this april. As soon as i started speaking to him, i knew something was deep,his energy was too intense for me,that s when i meditated for an answer. What should i even focus on, that he ll recognise all of this and come back to me, or shud i wish him well, move on and forget abt it all, and put a lid on these feelings? Thanks again, i just wanted an outlet, where i am not called crazy, i dont have anyone i can confide in, when its about him. My friends say i overthink it, and being married to a lovely man makes it much more harder. Atleast here i have hope. ...Mia

Mon 19 Nov 2018 16:31

By: Tra

Hi Mia, how have things been since your last post? Your situation was similar to mine and I have nobody to talk to about it either, as Im seen as a nutcase and also married to a lovely man. ...Tra




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