Three years ago I met a man I know is my twin soul

Fri 23 Jan 2015 20:13

By: Fanny

Dearest, I have a question I would like to ask you. Please let me know, if you feel this is an impolite thing to do; in that case you can ignore my email. If not, I would like to tell you my story and hope you could answer my question. About three years ago I met a man I feel and know is my twinsoul. There were lots of parrallels in both our lives and I just felt like I wanted to be with him. I felt it and still feel it today. It's something I never felt before and it has changed my life. Somehow my life has become different than it was before I met him. Ever since we parted I feel like an important part of myself isn't here anymore and I'm living in a parallel world. I know it's him, I feel it. I recognized him and ever since he has been with me somehow, inside. He came at a crucial time in my life and helped me with negative karma. We grew closer together on March 11. 2007 and I have read the spiritual importance of the number 11. He said he had never met anyone like me before. However, he is married, has two kids and is living abroad, so we can't be together. He phoned me for over two years after our meeting, but since one year he has stopped all contact. He asked me to leave him be and I did. I wrote him a letter explaining how important he is to me and that I will let him go because he asks me too. But if he needed me, that I will always be around for him. I miss him a lot and feel like my life isn't whole anymore. Somehow things have changed. Sometimes I get a lot of energy, thinking he might actually be my twin soul and I have experienced the greatest love possible, and then I want to do lots of great things for people around me. Helping out others and being there with warmth and energy for others. At those times I want to meditate and feel him and send him all the love I got inside. But then there's times I just miss him too much and it's really hurting. He told me he met the love of his life twenty years ago but couldn't be with her (he was married) and says he still thinks about her a lot. But then why do I feel this connection so strong? I know and feel it's him. I feel like I have found something important, learned an important lesson, have been given a great gift. This isn't a small feeling at all. But then what about his feelings towards that other lady? Is that possible? Can I feel the bond I'm feeling when my twin doesn't feel the same way? Can I feel a twin connection with him, while he feels it with someone else? Thanks for reading my question Love ...Fanny

Mon 30 Aug 2010 02:33

By: Mark and Claire xx

Hello Fanny,

Thank you for your email.

Mark and I both agree that nobody can tell you if you have met your twin or not. Only you know the answer to that. If it helps, perhaps I'll let you in a secret, which is absolutely true. Every man I have ever fallen in love with has aspects of my twin. At the time, I truly believed that they were the one, only to find out later that they weren't! I was being given glimpses of Mark, my twin. When I finally met him, I was shocked that he had all of the aspects that I adored in each and every one of my lovers and in fact every person I had ever loved in my life.

Another aspect of coming together with your twin is both being ready at exactly the same time. That is, having learnt the soul lessons that you came here to do first. Perhaps this man is still in a soul relationship to learn something about himself that is imperative to becoming whole and perhaps you are learning how to love your self totally and unconditionally without him, something I have had enormous conflict with in my own life.

We believe your twin is never separated from you on the soul level, so even if he is with someone else right now, you can still reach out to him with love.

Keep opening your soul to "the one", then just let go and get on with your life. Let the universe orchestrate the magic of coming together.

Sometimes the pain we suffer is just an opportunity to learn something wonderful about ourselves.

Love ...Mark and Claire xx




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