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Twinship is really not so black and white

Fri 23 Jan 2015 16:14

By: monica

Twinship is really not so black and white. Even after twins reunite, there can still be a lot of work to be done on each individual. I find "being whole" a relative concept instead of an absolute one. Each pair of twin is different just as each person is different. I have found my twin and I know friends who have found theirs. It constantly amazes me how other twins handle their twinship. We all have our unique issues. Of course, at the bottom, the issue is fear.I agree that we must work hard to transform fear into love. However, I do not believe there is such a clear line between fear and love. The pain of fear brings more learning. The euphoria of love also brings more learning. Twinship is a deeply personal experience. It's a process of connecting to our higherself. It's a process of learning our true nature. ...monica

Tue 22 Feb 2011 08:04

By: Mark and Claire xx

Good to hear your opinion Monica. We started the site to share our experiences and our views of our experiences, as there didn't seem to be many others to compare ours to. Always good to hear others views.

We've discussed the concept of Wholeness many times, as we didn't really think either of us were, before we met. Maybe reaching being 'whole' doesn't mean we're on a par with Buddha, as there would be so few of us who ever could reach that level? So maybe Wholeness is at a more achievable level than we all thought, and who knows, maybe more growth comes after this life cycle? Maybe some who have a lot of issues to deal with their 'twin' aren't really with their actual twin, but just would like to think they are? We found things that were always issues for us both in previous relationships, and that caused much grief, just weren't issues with each other, which is all part of 'twinship'. But we think there are still some things to be worked on with your twin, it's just so smaller in comparison to prior experiences, and so so so much easier with your twin!

Agree about Love and Fear. We think they are polar opposites, but also there is a continuum between them. So we can all be at varying points along them, at different times. As we strive to turn Fear into Love, sometimes we move only a bit towards Love, and sometimes when we make great leaps, we move a lot. ...Mark and Claire xx

Thu 24 Feb 2011 11:24

By: monica

You two have chosen the path of meeting once you are both fully ready. Some twins have not chosen this path. I met my twin when i was only 21. My friend met hers two months ago, and she is only 19. My twin is much older than me... he is 50. So he has considerably less issues to work through than I did. He was always ten steps ahead of me. He was the one who awoken me to our connection and taught me about twinship. In him, I also saw who I really am ... and what I want to do with my life. It was extremely intense for a 21 year old. Hence why I ran off for a When twins meet earlier in life, it is to push us into an early search of our true natures. These twinships can be a lot more explosive and unstable than the one you guys experience. It is a tough journey. But... life is a tough journey, so no complains. But, congradulations on your reunion. And many great wishes to these who are still working through their own issues. ...monica

Thu 24 Feb 2011 17:11

By: Mark and Claire xx

We value your comments Monica, however may we just say that we feel couples who impact on each other deeply and sometimes very spiritually so young in life, are often our soul mates and not our twins. Both Mark and I have discovered these past relationships to have taught us both so much and when we were in these relationships felt that these partners were actually the "one" when indeed they were our soul mates. We only realised this with the benefit of hindsight when we later did meet our twin. Please do not underestimate these relationships. They are perfect for us at the time of where we are on our individual spiritual journeys. You are still so young with so may more things to experience about yourself and we wish you much love and joy on your journey.
...Mark and Claire xx

Fri 25 Feb 2011 14:32

By: monica

so please create a section for opinons... i don't see it. Or maybe you two feel like you have all the answers and there is no need for a section for opinons. Anyway, every pair is different and I don't think anyone has the answer to other's relationships. How do we know if we are in a twinship? It's not about the feeling of "the one". It's sharing the same perspectives, values, dreams, and visions.It's about sharing one common mission. It's about coming from two opposite angles yet conversing on the same conclusion. It's not knowing where I begin and where he ends. It's thinking the same and understanding each other perfectly. It's putting the other first naturally and truly caring for the other's welfare. Age is not always the criterion for meeting twin. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their own opinon and there is no point arguing. But just because your experience is a certain way, it doesn't mean it is the only truth. The most important thing people have to learn in life or in twinship is that they have to trust their own selves. Not allowing others (no matter how smart or how experienced) to tell them what is the "truth". That's what we are here to do in life. Learning to have faith and trust in our own hearts and what our soul is telling us. ...monica

Fri 25 Feb 2011 16:19

By: Mark and Claire xx

Here here! We agree and we certainly do not believe we have all the answers Monica. However, we can honestly speak from our experience, highlighting the absolute intensity of this relationship. Each couple has a different path to follow, but you can leave comments/opinions against any of our articles if you wish. What is right for one couple is not what is necessarily right for another. This website is about our amazing love, which we have chosen to share with you. We respect each individual's right to discernment and shortly, we will post an article about that very personal subject. You will note that there is a section for comments, if you would like to share your thoughts. ...Mark and Claire xx

Sat 26 Feb 2011 15:46

By: zao yang

Don't paint a rose-colored picture of twin flame relationship. It's unrealistic and unhealthy. It will mislead many people. Twin flame relationship is not perfect and can be very difficult at times. It's the same as your relationship to yourself.The main difference between soulmate relationship and twin relationship is actually that twin relationship is much more intense and you are basically having a relationship with "you". Not twin relationship is perfect.If your relationship with your past soulmates were all horrible... then you need to stop and question how you are in a relationship. Not go ahead and find a twin relationship instead. There is no magic solution. No glorious relationship that will solve all of our problems. People who advertize a relationship or any religion as a magic potion to happiness and wholeness must be questioned. ...zao yang

Sat 26 Feb 2011 15:52

By: Mark + Claire xx


From our experiences and it seems with many others, two of the biggest indicators that you have met your twin are that: you have already done your work with yourself (via soul mates) towards becoming whole, and secondly, is that you both just HAVE to be together, full-time, permanently and immediately.

We don`t publish all comments or questions, as there are just too many. We try to be selective and will remove any material which we feel is inappropriate, etc. As we have said, we started our site as we couldn`t find many twins writing about their journeys, so we decided to share ours. It`s a great idea to start your own blog and write about yours and we look forward to reading the comments you receive about your experiences. ...Mark + Claire xx

Sat 26 Feb 2011 16:12

By: monica/zao yang

No, you just shouldn`t monopolize the twin experience. Just because you experience things in a certain way doesn`t mean it`s the same for everyone. And don`t use your personal experience to judge all. By the way, please be a little more confident. Instead of deleting your comments or other ppl`s comments... realize this is a website .. .for public discussion. As much as I appreciate some of your stories here. Words are words. You can choose to construct who you are or what your relationship is like ... in anyway you want. Painting a perfect picture is one way. ...monica/zao yang

Sat 26 Feb 2011 20:26

By: Mark + Claire xx

Hi Zao, we can only say how things are for us. When we started this site all we could find were checklists of what defines twin flame / twin soul relationships. We couldn`t find anyone else writing about what they were experiencing their selves, or how they had got to where they were, so we decided to start sharing ours in the hope it would at least give others one view of it. It would be great if more twins shared their experiences. Yes, we agree, a twin flames relationship is very intense, you can`t hide anything from your twin. Bad past relationships are one of the reasons we started writing. They taught us both a lot about ourselves, and others. We are sure there are many many people out there in similar situations, and wondering what to do? Hopefully we can inspire them to not make the same mistakes we made! ...Mark + Claire xx

Tue 25 Sep 2012 20:11

By: monica

lol... last post.. i promise It`s not that I think there is no truth is what you have written here. It`s just that the focus should not be on "how amazing/perfect twin relationship is". And work hard hard hard so you can have a twin relationship. The most important thing is actually to have a good relationship with oneself.It`s the start. Without that good relationship with self... no twin relationship can satisfy you. In a twin relationship ... any issue within oneself becomes much more intense... so there is a constant cleansing of personal issues. It`s a daily process and not very glorious at all. Of course, you are just one couple with your own perspective. It would be silly to ask for the whole picture from just one couple. Which is why... more twin couples need to share their perspective. Perhaps I should start a blog and talk about some of the more challenging aspects of being in relationship with twin. And how twinship... like any other relationship/material attainment... is not the end all and be all. ...monica

Tue 25 Sep 2012 20:15

By: Mark and Claire xx

Hi Zao, precisely. As we said in our previous reply, our site is to share our experiences. Others could, and probably will, be different. All we can do it say how it is, and has been, for us, truthfully. The first step in any spiritual journey is being honest with yourself, and we always try to be. ...Mark and Claire xx




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