could meet my twin at a young age?

Fri 23 Jan 2015 10:34

By: Loni

I was wondering if I could meet my twin at a young age? I am 21 and unsure how to bring him into my life. Should I make a "shopping list"? ...Loni

Sat 30 Mar 2013 17:03

By: Mark and Claire xx

Hi Loni,

We don't know. We've talked about that many times. We often wondered why we didn't find each other sooner in this life. Why we had to go through painful relationships and marriages before meeting. We can only assume it was all for a purpose. Maybe we were helping others on their journey, maybe they were helping us. That's just us though. We don't see why other twin couldn't meet sooner in life.

As for shopping lists, could we talk about that! Wait till you've been through multiple serious relationships and marriages. You build up a BIG shopping list, including all the things you're not going to tolerate any more. And it just gets bigger as you get older. Maybe a shopping list will help you find your twin, but we believe you're going to find each other anyway when the time is right. Good luck and be patient. ...Mark and Claire xx




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