Album - Twin Flames Kiss

twin flames kiss album

Composition, Arrangement and Performance by Claire Buchholz

Engineered and Produced by Mark Worrall


01 Pont des Arts
A celebration of the Padlock Bridge in Paris, of all of the gleaming padlocks fixed to it in a combined expression of true love, which also includes ours.

02 The Feeling Of You
At only four years old, whilst gazing up at the moon, I had my first realisation that my true love was out there somewhere. “I know you’re out there right now” I remember saying out loud. The feeling stayed with me throughout my life and helped me to recognise him after two failed marriages and numerous love affairs. I didn’t know that his name was Mark, but I knew how it felt to be with him and that special feeling never wavered.

03 Yellow Rolls Royce
When I was very young, my imagination helped me to survive the prison of a difficult and painful childhood. I would often run away and hide in the back of my father’s old Yellow Rolls Royce, pretending I was a real lady instead, dressed up in grandma Flo’s seamed stockings and pearls, whilst sipping imaginary French champagne with my very own English gentleman.

04 Colour Of Winter
Nearly every night I would fly away in my dreams to ‘The One’, far away where white winter snow covered fields like icing on a Christmas cake, and to where he was waiting for me on a splendid white horse amongst the misty ruins of an ancient castle. Recently, we visited Tintagel Castle, where the wind howled around us and a mysterious mist arose from the sea, like a spell from Merlin’s cave below. As Mark handed me a bunch of wild flowers he’d picked for me, I realized in a moment of awe that this was the place I had come to in my dreams as a child, and that I was now staring back into the beautiful face I could never picture, but could always remember the feeling of so well.

05 Across The Rooftops
When Mark was a child, he frequently dreamt of floating up out of his bedroom at night, through the roof and off across the rooftops, always heading in the same direction, and on through the darkness of night. Later he would always return from that same direction, back into bed, wake up briefly and then fall back asleep. Was he coming to meet me at the ruins of the ancient castle? We often wonder.

06 Twisted Fairytale
The tragedy of relationships that start out as a fairy tale and slowly descend into becoming a twisted horror story instead, haunts us with both sadness and beauty at the same time. Yet the experience offers us a lens into how much we can actually endure, before we finally choose to walk away and to let go of all the suffering. We all deserve to love, and be loved, and to be happy.

07 Visited By Angels
One day I looked out of the window to see two white doves spiralling upwards around each other. I was mesmerised as Angels then appeared inside the room, hovering around the ceiling with light wings of every colour of the rainbow, overlapping each other and making music like none I had ever heard before. I sat at the piano to work out what they were singing and once I had, they left and have never returned. Their music has lingered with me ever since. Here is the composition of what I heard that day, albeit limited by our mortal hearing, and by no means as beautiful.

08 Rising From the Ashes
From the burnt out remains of failed relationships, we can regenerate and fly into the future realm of new possibilities with direction and grace as if we are indeed a new person reborn.

09 Touching Without Fingers
Mark and I met online, and from the very first day we found a deeper connection than with anybody else we had ever known. A thousand miles apart, we relied on our senses to tell us everything about each other instead. We fell in love without ever seeing or touching each other, a gift we always cherish.

10 Merging
When we finally met, his electric blue eyes melted into mine, as if they were pieces of decadent Belgian chocolate. I was spellbound inside the mystery, as my heart quickened to the rhythm of his and we anchored the promise of eternal true love into each other’s secret places.

11 Crying Souls
Whilst asleep, our bodies would stay wrapped up in each other for the entire night. Sometimes I would awaken to hear Mark making eerie crying sounds that sounded nothing like his own voice and sometimes he would discover something similar happening with me. We would wonder if this was the sound of souls crying with joy?

12 Twin Flames Kiss (Never Give Up)
There were times before we found each other when both of us felt like we were ready to just give up, the mountain of darkness and difficulty we both suffered many times just seemed too painful. We continued on, for if we had not, we would never have known what it is like to love and be loved so completely. We call our journey ‘Twin Flames Kiss’ and this is the music to accompany our book of the same name.