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Twin Flames: Astrological, Psychological and Mythological

25 January 2015
This article by Cristos Archos has been split into three parts. They can be found at: Part 1: Twin Flames Part 2: What are the Twin Flames? Part 3: Identifying Twin Flames.

I believe the reason astrology exists is to shed light on misinterpreted phenomena and enlighten individuals to their inner dispositions. It’s critical for people to understand why something is happening in a particular situation because it strengthens the soul.

Twin Flames are a valuable phenomenon that brings fundamental change to the way we see the world in not solely an esoteric view, but also in scientific one as well.

When people understand the concept of twin flames, they understand the last two centuries of connections with what we call “karmic bonds.” In fact, the twin flames bond takes a relationship to a much more sophisticated level…

* The numbering is the sound of the numbers as they are called in Greek. Pythagoras believed that numbers had their own vibration and had a meaning helping people reach their balance when they used them.

Let’s begin our travel:

ena*) The Myth of Gemini

Gemini are an especially important sign. To a great degree their mythology is affected by what we call “twin flames” today. Gemini’s myth shows many faces in ancient cultures: Cain and Abel, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, Castor and Pollux and others

In Cain and Abel’s myth, we recognize the sociological fight between the shepherds and the farmers; a very important conflict of lifestyles in the ancient world with Cain killing his own brother. In Persian Mythology, Zarathustra believes the world is separated between good and evil and both are equal. Those powers of good and evil try to destroy one another. Through this conflict, the world is developed and survives.

At this point, we see there are powers in eastern cultures where dualism brings conflict and destruction between opposites.

Middle Easter Mystics believe opposites conflict each other. Even now many people fight with themselves and others. They find it difficult to promote a healthy everyday life, free of conflicts and destruction. Unfortunately, the typical western man has been influenced by the delusion of conflict between opposites. For this reason, he has lost contact with himself and his twin soul. The persistent thought that only one lifestyle is correct has led many to psychologists and others to unhappiness. The Far East has also developed the concept of Yin and Yang: powers that follow one another. As the world evolves, this circular movement is completely natural.

The Gemini constellation also represents our detached nature from ourselves. We remain alone and undeveloped. In the Greek legend of Castor and Pollux both children were sons of Zeus and Leda. In traditional Greek mythology, Leda is symbolized by a swan, a symbol of peace and harmony.

According to the myth, the twins participated in the Argonautic crusade. The twins were considered great heroes. In a battle with another pair of twins, Castor who was mortally wounded. Pollux was divine and asked his father Zeus to share his immortality with his brother. Zeus accepted. When one brother was on Olympus the other was in the kingdom of Hades (the underworld). In this way, the twins were switching positions until the day they finally became stars in the sky; symbols of duality between mortal and immortal human nature. The myth shows that we want our inner dualistic natures to communicate, and if we succeed we will be able to traverse to another dimension of reality. By accepting both natures we accept the whole universe. The myth of Gemini also says everything is split into two. Everything works on dyads, and if we want to become whole then our inner dimensions need to communicate.

It is very important that the Gemini legend finished with the ultimate act of love: the immortal brother sacrificed half his immortality and shared the shadow with his mortal brother. Gemini’s correspond to the mutable signs and the mutable cross; the cross which is the archetype of the incarnation and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Gods who correspond to the mutable cross usually do so for the sake of life and sacrifice themselves for something greater. In mutable sign stories the answer for the dualistic Hell is always Love. Love is the ultimate force in the universe because it changes, transforms and enlightens us. Even Freud was pessimistic about human nature and admits there are two universal forces in the universe. According to Freud, one is love and the other is death.

According to esoteric astrology the Gemini sign is not ruled by Hermes, the god of intellectuality and duality, but it is ruled by Aphrodite, the goddess of biding and eternity. According to ancient texts, Aphrodite’s symbol is the symbol of eternity, “the eternal knot”.

Esoteric astrology understands the dualistic terrorism can only be healed through love. The Gemini constellation exists to remind us that only through inner love and real understanding with our beloved one can we heal and release ourselves from the bonds of sadness and sorrow.

From the 12 labors of Hercules, a myth that corresponds with the Gemini legends, are the Apples of the Esperides. In this labor Hercules finds his inner voice Nireas, his inner teacher who makes him understand wrath and that our dark side is not constructive. Through Nireas’ guidance Hercules finds the apples and succeeds in another labor.

According to the myth Hercules decides to travel south. After seeing Atlas, holder of the the skies, Hercules sees the burden of having a mission. Through various interpretations of this specific labor Hercules finally understands and respects his divine self (Nireas) who found him in the beginning of his perils. Sometimes we choose to come to life, or have a mission because we are ignorant of the divinity of ourselves. Only through the battleground of life can we learn to respect our divinity.

We will see in the next step how important the apples are for someone to understand the duality of existence and why the twin flames exist.

dio*) The Myth of the Apple

When we split in two we prepare ourselves to enter the kingdom of Earth, and then we must learn to levitate and make progress. It is not easy to learn since the first level of expression is the one of conflict. We victimize ourselves and others and become slaves to dualism. When we finally understand we have started to love, we become wiser and more open to others. We find happiness and feel complete in this way. When we approach this stage we have completed our human incarnation and release ourselves from problems.

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