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A couple of druids in the rain

31 December 2012
One of the pinnacle places of interest on our “absolutely without fail must do” list in England was to visit as many ancient sacred sites that we could and to experience firsthand the special energy along with some of the paranormal stories that were associated with them also.

The first place of interest was the 4,500 year old Neolithic henge site at Avebury in beautiful Wiltshire, where the largest stone circle in the world exists. In fact it is so impressive covering over twenty eight acres, we even found a pub and a chapel inside it. Mark and I spent many a time at The Red Lion pub on our ghost hunting expeditions, but that’s another story. The day we arrived it was bleak and blustery, so we bought plastic ponchos to help keep us dry, but all they seemed to do was to make us look like a couple of old druids in the rain instead. As we made our way through the mud and up what was left of the ancient stone avenue, we were spell bound by the sheer charisma of the standing stones, which seemed to emit a sacred hum of consent to our presence there, stirring the sacred and a sense of life purpose in both of us, that I know we will never forget.

Just why these stones were built to stand here, still remains a mystery, though today, some say in the middle of the night, dwarfs can be seen scuttling amongst the stones. Others have seen a myriad of tiny shining lights dancing especially over one of the mysterious stones called the Diamond Stone. Some even say they have seen the same 40 ton stone uproot itself and cross the road at the stroke of midnight. We wonder if the truth is more like they’d had one too many at the pub when the phenomenon occurred, though we love the story anyway!

Mark + Claire xx