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Abducted Dream

31 October 2016
Oct 2016

[The dream]
Claire and I are up in the mountains in a small village, which is just two rows of houses running along either side of the main road, with a few shops towards the center. There is a T-junction not far from the center where another road leads out of town. Standing at the T-junction looking down the road there is a huge forested mountain towering above it to the left, and the road leads off and winds its way around the mountain. In front you can see down a huge valley, and to the right there are other huge mountains covered in forests off in the distance. It is vividly clear.

Later in the afternoon we are driving down the main road and off in the distance something catches my attention. I pull over to watch, and there are a few other people looking at it as well. Along the far side of the mountain off to the right are what look like showers of gold sparks flying around in the sky against the green backdrop of the mountains. As we watch we can also see some sort of craft flying along. It looks like it is going slowly, but that’s only because it is so far away. As it moves along it seems to be firing showers of gold sparks out of it in different directions. Eventually it moves off to the right, past the mountain and out of sight.

Late the next afternoon we come out of a shop and get in the car. We are about to drive off when we notice people along both sides of the road all standing looking and pointing in the same direction down the valley. I notice some gold sparks and realise it is the same as the previous day, only this time it is a lot closer. I say to Claire we have to see what is going on and get a better look, so I turn the engine off and we get out. We walk along the main road and are right where the T-junction is and can see clearly down the valley.

The craft in a lot closer this time, and is moving along the large mountain on the left. It seems to be following the winding road that runs along the mountain and is heading towards the town. It gets closer and closer. People are shouting and starting to become afraid. All the traffic has stopped. I walk out into the center of the road. There is another person over to the right standing on the kerb. As we look down the winding road the craft comes in and out of view as it follows the road.

It comes back into view and this time it is really close and moving much faster. We stand there transfixed. Suddenly it is bearing right down on us. I can hear other people to the left and right of me screaming in fear, but I can’t look, my eyes are transfixed on the craft. It is racing along the road straight towards where I am, getting lower and lower, until it is only about 10 foot off the ground. It is circular and silver, and now right in front of me approaching really fast. Then I realise it is aware of me specifically, we are now interacting. As it comes up close it rotates backwards, with the bottom of the craft now facing towards me. It no longer looks circular from this angle, it looks like a rectangle but with very rounded sides. It comes to a halt and there is a blinding flash of light from it and the light is aimed at me. I am aware it is interacting with the other person who was standing on the kerb as well, it is taking us, both of us, and we are powerless to stop it.

The next thing I know is it is as though the flash of light stopped half way through, and now it is completing the flash. I look up at the craft, and in an instant it is moving away, faster and faster, and within seconds is disappearing off into the distance. I feel groggy and dazed, and then hear Claire saying where have you been? Where did it take you? I’ve been here all along I say? I don’t remember going anywhere?

[Our interpretation]
No idea.