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Brisbane Floods

06 February 2011
Recently we were in the middle of a major disaster... the Brisbane Floods. It`s pretty terrifying watching it on the tv inland knowing it`s on its way to you next, but not knowing for sure if you`re actually in danger or not. It`s surreal stocking up for an impending disaster, with water, food, batteries, sanitary goods, etc. Will you lose power? For how long ? Will the water supply become contaminated? For how long? Will we become isolated? For how long? We were told to prepare for all.

We were fortunate enough to be high enough to escape unscathed, but many lost a lot, some everything. Some shrugged their shoulders and said they`d just start again, and some were devastated. All will learn it`s not material possessions that really matter in the end in life. We have both been through marriages where others took all they could, and where we both walked away in the end with nothing. We realised it didn`t matter. Let them have it. It doesn`t matter if you have the new model BMW, the biggest paid off house, the newest mobile phone, a huge retirement fund, etc., when it really comes down to it, if to get it you had to crush others under foot along the way. Maybe they`re banking that after you die there isn`t any form of review of your life, as many accounts say there is?

The floods were a vivid experience. A reminder of how unimportant material possessions really are in the big picture and how at the mercy of nature, we constantly are.