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Eric von Daniken

03 August 2017
Saturday we went to the Awakening UFO 2017 conference in Manchester (UK). The Cantina Bar was awesome, as was the displays and speakers. We especially enjoyed seeing Linda Moulton-Howe in person give a 2 hour talk. We made sure we were on the front row and got to talk to her. Claire even gave her a CD of her music.

The final speaker was Eric von Daniken, the father of the search for our true past. I remember watching his Chariots Of The Gods tv documentary back in 1972, and being left with my mind ripped apart afterwards. For the very first time I began to question our education system and were they really telling us all there was to tell about our human history? Were they selectively removing aspects of our past that didn't fit their narrow-minded view? Were governments covering up our true history? Had other intelligent life been on Earth many thousands of years before homosapiens? Had aliens been here in the past, or still were, and is being covered up?

Eric von Daniken opened up all these questions, and when you look at it rationally and logically, and look into all credible witnesses, you have to conclude he was and is right. Thank you Eric, for being a messenger, of opening so many peoples minds to seek the real truth. It was an honour to be in your presence and hear you talk.