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Green Slime from Outer Space

19 February 2013
2 nights ago (Sunday 17th February 2013) we were driving from the M5 to Wells along the A371 at about 11pm, when suddenly we saw a very bright luminous green light streak overhead (just like the one in this picture). It was very bright and moving very fast, from north to south. We watched it for just a few seconds before it suddenly flared up really bright for a second and then went completely out and disappeared.

We thought, wow, we`ve just seen a meteor, and didn`t think much more of it.

About 2 days later I stumbled across this article ( Green Space Slime Baffles Nature Experts ), which describes a "weird" green slime appearing in Somerset, said in folklore to appear at the same time as meteors hit.

We worked out on a map exactly where we were when we saw the light, what direction it was, where it was heading, and approximately where it flashed out. We also worked out where the slime was being reported, and they we in exactly the same area and at the same time. Of course, the scientists discounted any connection between the slime and the meteor myth, but we know what we saw, and it was right where this slime appeared, just as the legend says.

Mark + Claire xx