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Have You Joined a Twin Flame Cult Without Knowing It?

07 February 2015
We just had an interesting experience. We joined a Twin Flames group on the net and made our first couple of comments to join in a discussion. Almost immediately, someone who didn’t like what we said seized on our comments and launched an outright attack on us. They quickly switched to messaging us privately, so no-one else in the group would see what they were saying and who they really are, saying things such as “I'm going to run you out of the groups momma”, quickly followed by “It's not my group they are all my groups.”, and “And you are mine also.”. It distinctly gave us feeling they felt they were running some form of cult, with them being in control, and the people joining their groups unaware what they have joined and are considered to now be owned by this person. There was just a huge smell of EGO and CONTROL coming through, far from how a truly spiritual person would be.

Other public posts from this person and their partner were all about love, unconditional love, light and helping people, yet clearly lurking behind the facade there is a dark side being concealed. “You don't know who we are, and we will never tell you.” they said, as they continued their secret rant at us. So who are they?

We had a look at their profile and website, and publicly they have very much the same beliefs and aspirations for our species as we do, so that made the venom spat at us offline even more surprising. There was nothing of light about it, it was pure darkness. Maybe what we said might challenge some people’s beliefs in the group, and undermine some who come to them and pay for help.
They are making money out of counselling people infatuated with someone else, believing they are their twin flame, when the subject of their infatuation is married to someone else and making it clear they are not leaving their wife and family, some even saying they want nothing to do with them, some even threatening to take out a Restraining Order if they don’t leave them alone and stay out of their life. This couple are charging people to give advice and based on what they say online, it is to tell them what they want to hear, that the subjects of their infatuation are their twin, yes, but the other person just doesn’t realise it yet, so they just have to be unconditional love and wait until they do and come running to them.

To be counselling others, we think you need a very high degree of empathy, compassion, honesty and above all, experience in what you are counselling about. It takes decades of relationship experience, through breakups and divorces and spiritual growth, experiencing it yourself, to be in a place where you can advise others, and especially charging them money for doing it. Their hearts are in the right place, they will learn more as they live their lives and hopefully overcome whatever darkness is currently lurking underneath.