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Pistyll Rhaeadr

10 January 2013
Pistyll Rhaeadr pronounced (Pistol radar) is really close to the little village of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant in Powys ok? No it’s not double Dutch and I promise I’m not swearing at you. It is actually a really beautiful waterfall in Wales and a little bit of a drive from Shrewsbury in Shropshire of the West Midlands region, if you know where that is? Mark and I were both thoroughly enthralled by the energy there when his aunty and uncle decided to show us their favourite special place after taking us to lunch in a quaint little pub in Wales one cold day in January.

We both felt instantly calmed and centred the moment we arrived. The waterfall took both of our breath away with its 240 ft high drop, making it the largest in the UK and I don’t mind telling you that I wished I’d gone to the loo before I began the walk up to get a good look at it though, as the sound of water gushing down kept reminding my bladder just how small it really was, not to mention how many glasses of wine I’d knocked back at lunchtime as well… Needless to say, I experienced the agony and the ecstasy all at the same time, but truly, it was certainly worth it though.

Mark + Claire xx