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Romance in Venice

21 July 2015
Sometimes the most romantic way to have dinner is eating fish and chips out of newspaper with your fingers, or even sharing a simple cheese platter on a picnic rug by the river with a bottle of something delish. Either way, the most memorable and romantic interludes over a meal are always with the one you desire with all of your heart and soul no matter where you are or what you are having. The ultimate of my life however, (so far anyway) was not the meal on our wedding day, for I was much too excited to savour anything, but the one last Saturday night in Venice.
We arrived by a private speed boat at the Gritti Palace on the Grand Canal and sipped pink aperitifs in the classic green Longhi Bar, whilst waiting for our table on the terrace. It was the one closest to the water, where we could watch all of the gondolas pass by. Every now and then the Italian serenades would quicken our hearts and we would gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, knowing that another tango had already well and truly started between us.

The starched white linen tablecloths were dressed in silverware. Murano glass vases were overflowing with posies of old fashioned cream roses, as candlelight flickered from Venetian glass lanterns and the music of a guitar duo softly wafted in the evening breeze. It was the most romantic setting ever and I will remember it always.

There was an assortment of homemade Italian breads followed by giant fluffy Langoustines on enormous plates, and then the finest sea bass, whilst Mark had the fillet steak. We finished it all off with tiramisu, which looked more like a piece of pure art and much too good to destroy… But we did and it was divine. That perfect memory with my twin will feed me for always… the rest of which shall remain our secret of course… ?