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The Key of C# and a Magpie

16 October 2012
About twenty years ago, after I was single and between marriages, I was enthralled by two white doves spiralling up outside my little window in the lounge room and I felt that I could hear angels singing at the same time. I say that I felt, because it was almost like being amidst a clairvoyant and clairaudient vision. I was actually part of the vision and not outside looking at it from another space or time and I was not afraid or even aware at the time that I was experiencing something so extra ordinary.

Their voices were not like human voices, but were a light frequency on a much higher vibration than ours and as they gathered around the ceiling above the piano, I could see that their wings were pure translucent white with every colour of the rainbow radiating vividly through them as well. The colours weren’t like our colours either, because they radiated light on a much higher frequency than ours. Our earth colours actually seem flat and very dull in comparison.

The music was so powerful and so beautiful, that I was drawn to sit at the piano to work out what I was hearing. The key was in C#, which is not a key that I would ordinarily write in, as it has so many sharps and is more difficult than say the key of C, which has no sharps or flats at all and is very easy to play in. The best way I can describe the quality of the sound, is if a group of singers surrounded the open soundboard of a grand piano, harmonizing on a single chord and someone else sits at the piano and holds the sustain pedal down, when the singers stop, the pedal is still held down and the resonance of the voices comes through the soundboard like my angels singing. The music was quite complex to play and yet it sounded so simple and I think so healing if you were stuck in the lower densities of negativity. In fact whenever I played it on the piano throughout my life, I always felt transformed and lighter.

I only remembered last week how powerful the music was, so I sat at the piano and started to work out how to play it all over again and writing it out, so that I can actually arrange and record it one day, because it resonates with the same beautiful energy that Mark and I share together.

Before long, a magpie came and sat on the piano, as I had the back door open. The music had drawn the bird inside, which wasn`t easy. There was only one door open and he had walked in through it, and around the corner and across the kitchen floor towards the piano. Then he flew up right onto and stood on the actual piano itself. I took a photo and that`s the one with this blog.

A little later the magpie tried to find it`s way out and couldn`t find the door as easy to get out as it had to get in. Unfortunately when I tried to help guide the magpie back out, it started to fly into the windows and became quite distressed. The mate was calling to it sitting on a wicker chair at the back door, trying to guide the way out, but the magpie kept crashing into the glass instead. Finally I opened up the entire wall of folding glass doors, which opened up the inside to the outside and the bird flew away. Magpies choose their mate for life and it is most distressing when one either dies or flies away for good and leaves the other to be alone. This is exactly what Mark and I feel has happened, because four days later the mate is still calling, if not to bring the magpie back, but of a broken heart.


Mark and Claire xx