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The Lamb of God Dream

22 September 2021
I have multiple dreams every night, most I forget very quickly. I've even had them of news events days/weeks/months before they actually happened. That makes you think. But some I remember, and this is one Claire said was a nice one so I will share it.

One day a little white lamb appeared in our lives. It was kind of strange in that it had longer than normal legs. It followed me everywhere. If I went to the toilet it would follow me and stand with its body against my leg to let me know he was there. If I went to the kitchen it would follow me there and lean against me. When I sat on the couch, with Claire to the left, it would jump and sit to my right, leaning in with its body pressed right up against mine, looking up directly into my eyes in an innocent, but deep way.

One day we had a lie in and he was out having frolic in the garden with the very tasty green grass. A little girl put her head over the back fence and called him over. She scooped him up and took him into her garden, and then into her house where everyone fell in love with him. Suddenly there is knocking on our backdoor, which can't be accessed from the street. I staggered out of bed half asleep and naked to go to the full length glass doors and its the entire family from the house at the bottom or our garden with cakes and all sorts. 'We've come to say hello, but maybe we'll come back later', and they hastily U-turn and retreat. 'yes that would lovely' I say, as the lamb skips back inside with us.

I've read a lot on dream interpretation, but can't quiet work this one out. Sometimes you just have to accept it as is.