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Winter Solstice inside Stonehenge

21 December 2013
There are only 2 times a year the public can actually go inside the stones at Stonehenge: on the summer and winter solstices, and then, only for 2 hours. So we just had to go.

We got up in the middle of a cold winters night and set off at 2am. Only a few miles up the road we saw a very strange bright light shoot down from the sky. We put up a report on DUFOG Circular White Light Descending Fast Over Whiddon Down

We eventually got to Stonehenge and it was dark, cold and raining. Right on cue, the rain and the wind stopped at 7am, just as they opened up the site.

It was awesome going into the circles of giant stones. As soon as we walked in Claire got dizzy, you could just feel their energy. We made our way around and felt the stones, as in the centre they performed the winter solstice ritual. It was an amazing feeling.

Mark + Claire