Have to overcome these before I can manifest my twin flame

Thu 22 Jan 2015 20:55

By: Golden Cherub

Hi, I wanted to ask especially Mark what it feels like from the male perspective to know you are with your twin flame and not to have to search anymore, and how you know she is the one? Is it something you just felt? It would really help me to hear from you because, well I have a trust issues I am working through right now with men, and I know I have to overcome these before I can manifest my twin flame. Thanks for any info :) ...Golden Cherub

Wed 03 Aug 2011 07:56

By: Mark and Claire xx

Hi Golden Cherub,

Thanks for your question(s). Wow, we could write a lot to cover what you`re asking.

To be with your twin feels like nothing I have ever experienced before. For the first time in my life, I can really just be `me` and she loves who I really are. I mean REALLY loves who I am, in EVERY way. It is mind blowing. My experiences have always been about not really always being able to do that. Usually because who I was with didn`t approve of this or that, or even worse, their grown kids didn`t. Combine that with being `brainwashed`, partially by myself, and partially by others, that successful relationships are about `compromise` and before you know it, you just aren`t you anymore. I found once on that slope, it just gets worse and worse. You feel like you`re slowly being trained to be someone you`re not, all to make someone else happy, and you`ll never be able to do it enough. I think that`s why a lot of us get that sudden rush, about a month after you`re out of a serious relationship, especially if you`re back living on your own, that suddenly you feel free and able to be yourself. It suddenly dawns on you just how much you weren`t being you before. This is the only relationship I`ve had where I feel that actually in the relationship. Another aspect is you just can`t get enough of each other. You don`t need space, ever, you just want MORE time together. That`s how we feel for each other. When I`m not at work, we are together every minute, day and night, and it`s never too much. Another aspect is we have endless lust for each other. We both think it is a vital ingredient and totally satisfy each other sexually. And believe me, I never thought I`d find a woman who could do that! All these things, and more, were evident from the first night we connected. They were clear via emails, txts, phone calls, and when we eventually actually met in person. It felt just like to two complex jigsaw pieces just perfectly fitting together.

Our articles Astrodienst, Seamed Nylons and 11:11 (how we met) talks more about how we met and how we knew this was different, and The Buffet Of Sex talks more about the richness of the relationship we think we should all be striving for.

Trust issues. Don`t you just hate them. In this time of equality women can be just as untrustworthy as men. We`ve both had more than our fair share of trust issues before we met. I`ve learnt 2 things, firstly, if your gut instinct/intuition/inner conscious/etc is saying something is wrong, it probably is. Trust your feelings. Secondly, if you`re having those feelings, you aren`t going to be happy and are better off out of it. once trust is broken, you really just can`t get it back, second chances aren`t the answer. Claire and I have no trust issues. I trust her totally, and she does me. But it`s more than that. I think if you`re with the RIGHT person for you, they just aren`t going to do any of those sort of things that cause trust issues, so they just never occur. So if you have trust issues with someone, we think that`s telling you they really aren`t right for you, and to get out asap. When you meet the right person, there just won`t be any trust issues!

Our article Oneness And Duality talks about this in a bit more depth.

Hope that helped even a little bit Golden Cherub. We think the main way to manifest your twin is to try and focus on being `Whole`. As long as we rise above other peoples issues and focus on being the best person we can, you can get there and that`s when your twin will appear. ...Mark and Claire xx




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