The Buffet Of Sex

24 June 2011
A relationship with our partner should be like a buffet. Not a one or two course meal, a take away, or sandwiches and coffee. A buffet. A buffet of wildly varied and enticing dishes, dishes you both savour, constantly changing, expanding and growing. A buffet, because you can go back for more and more and more, gorging yourselves without being sick. It`s endless. It just goes on and on.

Starters shouldn`t just be a bread roll or garlic bread. It should be bread rolls, garlic, AND wildly exotic canapés, tasty things on skewers, dips and more.

Meeting should be a memorable experience with the thrill of finally finding the perfect partner for you. Someone we totally resonate with. Finally. No point getting involved with someone who hates children, if you have kids. No point getting involved with someone who loves sunbaking, if you avoid it all the time. No point getting involved with someone who isn`t romantic, if you are. No point getting involved with someone who is sexually repressed, if you`re uninhibited and love to experiment and push the boundaries. Get the picture?

Mains shouldn`t just be meat and two veg. It should be meat and two veg, AND a wide and varied selection of tasty chicken, beef, fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes. And more. Stews, pies, roasts and pizzas. Dishes exploding with flavours of ever changing herbs and spices. Hot and Cold. English, French, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian, etc. Tempura battered Fish with homemade Pont Neuf Potatoes, lemon & tartar sauce. Roasted lamb rump, Provencale ratatouille, Lyonnaise potatoes and garlic jus.

A relationship should be a source of constant joy, fulfilment and happiness. We should be best friends, love each other`s company to the point we just can`t get enough time together. Not just during the `honeymoon period`, but all the time, forever. Don`t need our `space`, because we are Whole enough to merge with them totally and yet still know who we are. Be totally trusting of each other`s judgement and integrity. To reach that divine point where we just do things for each other, without even being asked, to make the other’s life easier.

Desert shouldn`t just be ice cream and cheesecake. It should be ice cream, cheesecake, AND lemon meringue, chocolate mousse, mint choc chip ice cream, tiramisu and more. Hot deserts, cold ones and frozen ones. Decadent ones laden with alcohol, rich chocolate and sauces. Profiteroles filled with French vanilla ice cream & topped with oozing chocolate sauce. Coffee and Tia Maria crème brûlée, peppered tamarillo with biscotti. Deserts that you just want to try them all, all the time. Deserts we can`t wait till we`ve devoured one to come back for more. Deserts we make up ourselves. Who said we can`t put choc chip ice cream and chocolate custard on our chocolate mud cake? All served up on a bed of black nylon and the aroma of Chanel No 5.

A relationship should be filled with a wildly decadent lust for each other. Free of inhibitions to allow us to explore it all together with each other. A sexual buffet with a vast array of the most mouth watering sweets to taste, savour and devour. A sexual buffet that constantly evolves, creating new sensual deserts along the way, adding to those already there.

Our menu is filled with sheer black lingerie and seamed nylons. High heels and heavy makeup, with vintage red lipstick and ostrich feathers. Candles and French champagne. Incense and music. Cigarette holders and black sheer gloves. Rubies and pearls. Toys and harnesses. Blindfolds and ice. Leopard skin cushions and black satin sheets. Opera and Marilyn Manson. Nights away in hotels, decadent sexy afternoons in bed with it raining outside, a dark alleyway on the way to, or back home from dinner, or whatever spontaneously may come to mind. A vast extravaganza of rich oozing sauces and decadent toppings that make your eyes roll back in their sockets. Taste sensations with the tip of our tongues that make our toes curl up with delight. Inside the temple of worship, we work each other up into frenzy, where the secret of sighs explodes into one, over and over again.

Some, no, a lot of us accept a lot less than we need to be truly happy in a relationship. We compromise too much on things that will later only lead to disenchantment and disillusionment. We should strive for that partner who we truly resonate with and settle for no less. Only then, will we have the full buffet and most especially the wildly decadent buffet of sex.

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Wed 29 Jun 2011
Love This, Thank you!!!!

I have this with my Twin..............

God Bless...........

Lisa ...Lisa Livingstone

Tue 05 May 2015
I can totally relate to this....never have I ever experienced such a connection and so much comfortable openness with someone before I connected with my twin flame. It is always hugely intense experience and nothing else matters. It is so natural yet almost feels different every time, as if each of us instinctively know what the other wants (even if they don't realise it) ...Nikkola wright




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