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3 Reasons Why We Need “Darkness” To Evolve

05 February 2015
Before we fully immerse ourselves within this perception let’s understand one thing: “fear”-mongering is a myth. You will understand this as I explain, but that theme I would like to emphasize throughout this article. We are told that we need to avoid anything that makes us feel fear, or that doesn’t make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

There are those (mainstream news stations) who enjoy the action of squeezing the vitality out of the majority, via pumping reasons to be in a constant state of survival and deprivation = fear. “Darkness” you could say, and yes – much of it is lies.

But hold on a minute. Should we cast out all of the perception and insight that can be attained by understanding the “negative”? Just to bury our heads in the sand and obsess over the “positive”?

We don’t normally consider the implications of deliberately ignoring or suppressing the dark aspects of life. What if by ignoring the negative, we were actually slowing down our evolution? What if the darkness is absolutely necessary to evolve?

Here are 3 reasons why we need darkness in order to grow:

1) Obsessing over the “positive” is actually “negative”

Tell me, what is more “positive”?

Ignoring the “negative” completely and being completely oblivious to it, for fear of creating it (the New Age loves this one) just to basically obsess about the “positive”. All the while, the “darkness” creeps behind you, waiting to bite you on your backside.

Or ….

Taking the “negative” in, understanding how it functions, how it works, what are its objectives – learning how it is being used against you so you can do something about it.

What is more negative? Empowering yourself with an understanding about what is taking place and affecting you? Or just ignoring the “darkness” hoping it will go away? If you wish to actually do something in this world to make an impact, you will have chosen the path of “enlightenment”. Understanding what you are up against, how it works, what its objectives are, and what you can do about it is how you make an impact.

The truth is, if you are obsessing about the positive information all day, YOU are the one establishing an environment for the “darkness” to flourish in the first place! There’s nothing wrong with absorbing uplifting information, but there is another side of the coin that needs to be addressed if we wish to actually grow and make change in the world.

2) The darkside helps us understand ourselves on a whole new level

How so you ask? Let’s absorb one thing, and that is the reality that information is like a tool – completely neutral. This analogy can be applied to the gun control debate. Guns do not, and have never killed anyone. Just like spoons do not make people fat, and baseball bats do not commit assault. Of course they have been used to harm people, but the guns themselves are not loading, cocking and firing upon people by themselves. They are neutral, and can be used for “good” or “evil”. People use the tools to achieve certain goals.

Let’s use guns as an analogy for information. Information has never been different from guns, in terms of its use as a tool. If you read, watch or observe something that frightens, upsets and or disturbs you, that is you doing it. The information does not contain meaning. We bring meaning to the information with the way we choose to interpret it.

There is something within you that is resonating to fear and associating that fear with whatever you are viewing. The information itself isn’t hopping into your mind with the intention to scare you. This gives us great insight into ourselves – we can see what is still bothering us on the inside, observe it and release it if it no longer serves. If the information bothers you, it is your reaction and choice to feel that way. If a certain truth does bother you, take it in and use it for your own evolution. What can you learn about yourself and what needs to be done in the world through fully absorbing this apparently fearful fact?

3) It expands your perception

Positive vs negative. One has no more value than the other. Each serves an important purpose in understanding our world and ourselves. To shun ourselves from either or is to rob ourselves of the whole picture, without the whole picture we are creating a slew of problems for ourselves. Each of these two, ultimately at the “top” are a part of the same Oneness anyway!

If you have a reaction to any information, once again – this is your reaction. Period. No ifs or buts about it. Just because FOX or CNN are trying to frighten me with more bogus “news” doesn’t mean I need to take it in, hold onto it and allow it to affect my reality. This ultimately is my responsibility. Look at that word: responsibility. It kind of appears like it should say, respond-sibility doesn’t it? Instead of react-ibility. If BBC throws a hot coal at you, you don’t have to pop it in your pocket and allow it to fry you.
Now, when you are out in the world, learning, exploring and living your adventure here is a tip for you to help empower yourself:

Cherry pick your information, don’t blind yourself from it. You do this by taking in the “negative”, finding what feels good to you and gives you great insight – and moving on. That’s it, no need to take the emotional reaction that comes with the information. Just use it to learn something new and expand your perception, and carry on.

What matters is the new insight, the new perception gained from the information. This is where action stems from, this is why you are learning about these things in the first place. All “fear”- mongering is someone trying to get you to react and become overwhelmed by something. It is what “they” want and what “they” need in order to establish their objectives. If you allow them to do this: you are just giving them power above yourself, which is anything but “positive”.

Darkness is a guidepost that points us towards the light and is essential to our expansion. It is not your enemy. It must be taken in, learned from, and then let go of once it no longer serves your evolution.

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