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Celebrity granted restraining order over 'twin flame'

07 February 2015
Ryan Gosling has been granted a restraining order from a woman who was allegedly stalking him and his family.

In documents cited by E!News, Gosling alleged a woman named as Grace Marie Del Villar had "harassed, stalked and sought to have personal contact with" the actor, his mother and his sister.

The 34-year-old believed she was Gosling’s “twin flame” or “twin soul” and tried to repeatedly contact him via email and letters, E! reports.

She also allegedly sent a doll-catalogue to Gosling’s residence with her contact details on and a page torn from a magazine which featured Eva Mendes to his manager.

The attempts reached a head when Del Villar allegedly travelled from New York to Los Angeles in October and appeared “uninvited late at night" at the house of one of his family members.

He sought a temporary restraining order against Del Villar for his mom and sister as well as Mendes and their daughter.

In the documents, Gosling alleged Del Villar is "delusional” and "believes she knows the Gosling family, and that they know her, and that they are actually searching for her and have been for the past three-years”.

The order asks Del Villar to stay at least 100 yards away from Gosling, Mendes and their daughter.

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