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11 November 2011
We didn`t set out to force anything special to happen for 11-11-11. Mark took the day of work, and our only plan was just the two of us to celebrate at home with a day of light and love. We like to let things just happen if they are meant to in their own way, and not if they aren`t. That way, if something synchronous happens we know it really is. Just after 11:10am on 11-11-11 we received an email that made us wonder...

For many years Claires ex-husband and ex-music partner has been using and selling music she wholly owns, or partly owns, without her agreement, or paying her any royalties for it. After 10 years of asking nicely to stop, and either receiving denial or just being plain ignored back, and due to a number of reasons around this, a couple of months ago we engaged solicitors to address it. They move in their own time, and after 6-7 weeks they finally issued their cease and desist letters to him, cc`ing Claire in on them. Thats what we received just after 11:10am on 11-11-11. The solicitors are actually even in a different time zone to us, and they could have issued them at any time in the last 6-7 weeks, so it was completely by co-incidence the timing was 11:11 on 11-11-11, thats if co-incidence actually exists at all ?

We sat and thought about it, and realised it was all about Claire taking back her power on something she had always felt taken advantage of, and powerless to fight in any way. It was about finally closing the door on something, and being able to focus on moving forward. The sort of things that we had been hearing 11-11-11 was about. It sent goosebumps down us as we realised the timing of it !