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A Day with David Icke - The Lion Sleeps No More

01 October 2011
We recently went to see David Icke. He talked for about 11 hours. We expected it to be really challenging, to get bored, probably leave at some point in the afternoon, etc. It was quite the opposite. The 11 hours he spoke just flew by. It was riveting. Some of the things he talks about are pretty hard for the most open minded of us to believe. But irrespective of that, his main message was a spiritual message so many, for many differing beliefs, are conveying to the masses who want to hear: we exist here purely to choose Love over Fear. Thats a message EVERYONE can benefit from.

We need to not allow ourselves to be shackled by others insecurities and fears. To not be restrained by others attempts to control us and keep us in a box that is defined by their own blinkered view of life. To judge and sentence us based on whether we fit into the world their egos want to create, control and rule, whether it be governments, neighbours, co-workers or our families. To not be kept in a perpetual state of Fear about living up to others expectations based on their own Fears they refuse to face.

Instead the spiritual message he repeatedly spread, was to be free. To be who we really are, not who we are told we should be. To be creative. To follow what felt right, not what we are told is right. To look inside for what is right, not to others.

To chose Love over Fear.

If we all do that, the organisations and people who judge and control the rest of us become powerless, and the world becomes a much better place.