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26 December 2014
To all the parents and step parents who gave up their lives and worked all the hours they could to get enough money to look after their children and step children, to give them a home, a bed to sleep in and a roof over their head, to buy them food and clothes, who were there when their other parents weren't, who made them laugh, who nurtured them and protected them, who took them to the doctors when they were sick, who sat in the hospital with them for hours with them when they were injured, who cheered them up when they were down, who helped them with their school work, who went to parent teacher nights, who worried over them if they were late home, who bought them birthday presents and Christmas presents even when they had no money, who took them on holidays and who gave them the skills for growing up, and yet they couldn't be bothered to make the effort to send you so much as even a Christmas card at Christmas, just remember one thing...

...its not a reflection of who you are, its a reflection of who they are.

One day when they go through being parents too, they might start to appreciate just how much love you gave them.