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RIP Phil Coppens

21 December 2014
I woke up today and Phil Coppens was in my head. I don't know why, but he just was. A couple of years ago when Claire told me she had stumbled across the news that he had died we were in shock and just couldn't believe it. Even after I made her tell me for the 3rd time I still had to see it in writing. For some reason Phil jumps into my head often and I still find it hard to believe he's not here any more.

We didn't know Phil, but like with so many others, we feel like kindred spirits through the work he did and his energy. We were addicted to Ancient Aliens and he was an integral part of it and the journey it has been taking so many of us on over the years. To us it is a history program and a science program all rolled into one, piecing together what is not being told to us by the establishments 'historians' and 'scientists', but instead brave and intrepid people with little or no funding, investigating and writing about what they feel is the real history and the real science, and enduring the dark threats to shut up so many of them receive along the way. It's part of a journey so many of us with open minds are all on together, to find the truth out there, you also have to look inwards. And Phil was one of those shining messengers blazing the trail and showing us the way.

When Claire found out, she stumbled across a video of Phil and his beloved wife Kathleen and we both instantly felt the same thing... 'twins'. You can see their energy together and you can feel it.

Earlier this year on our way back from the Rings of Brodegar, we just had to visit the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel, not somewhere you just pass by and can drop in to. It's off near Edinburgh in Scotland, so you need to go out of your way and specifically plan a trip there to visit. When we were there it was as though Phil was there too, through his work relating to it, his voice narrating as we walked around.

As he blipped my radar this morning, I just went and had a look at his facebook page and blog and discovered it is practically 2 years to the day since he passed away and people are posting there in remembrance. Maybe I just picked up on it somehow. Reading through Kathleens posts it sounds like he is still working away at the truth from the other side and trying to send messages back, particularly that there is no such thing as death. Go Phil. You are missed down here but we know you're still around in our real life in spirit.