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Claire In Hospital

17 July 2011
Claire went into hospital last week for an operation. It was an `Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion C5-6 and C6-7`, which basically means 2 discs between vertebrae are removed and replaced by metal ones, some bone spurs drilled out, and a plate bolted onto her spine to hold it all in place. Its been done many times and everyone hoped it would go well. It didn`t.

One of the discs sunk into the bone and her spine has `collapsed` at that point with one of the 3 screws at an angle it shouldn`t be. She has been in agony for 3 days now, can`t sit or walk far without extreme pain. She`s on Morphine every 4 hours, alternating with Endone. It has been a terrifying few days for both of us, with some very darks moments and angst to deal with.

Whatever dark moments we each experience, there are always others who experience worse ones. However much pain, there are always others who go through worse. I`ve found just 3-4 days of spending 12+ hours at the hospital with her physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting, and I`m not the one in pain. How she did it for years (she even lived in hospital accommodation for many months at a time) when she nursed Rick through his Leukaemia is a miracle. I don`t know how she did it. In between the occasional shouts of pain, Claire is still managing to be the smiling loving thoughtful woman she is. Whilst having to deal with her own personally stressful situation, she is still managing to joke with the nurses, have empathy to offer to make other patients around her stay more comfortable and a positive attitude about what is going on with herself. She never fails to turn heads, hobbling around the ward in her black long nylon nightie and long black nylon see through peignoir gown and full makeup.

It`s also been a little reminder of our twinness. We haven`t spent a night apart since we got together, till now. Just like way back then, I`ll try and leave her to sleep at night only to finally type up a long txt to send, and just as I go to hit the Send button, receive one from her! Her stress is my stress and her pain is my pain. She is the most wonderfully loving and passionate woman and I treasure every minute we are together. I totally adore and love my twin and will be with her, regardless of what life can throw at us, till my last breath.

Tomorrow they are going to operate to correct the problem. We told her surgeon today we have every confidence in him, and trust she will be back to the recovery path she should be on by now. We will put our faith in Love, and pray all goes well and she`s soon back to her normal passionate and creative self.