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In seventeen sleeps....

24 November 2010
Every night, for the past few weeks now, I toss and turn, feeling like this is the moment I have always known would come, yet now it is almost here, it seems beyond the most wonderful thing that I could dream of happening to me. Even when I fall asleep, my subconscious awakens me with my heart dancing faster than light, as waves of intense euphoria crash right through me. Even the muscles in my face ache nonstop, because I seem to have this smile that just won’t go away. Hahahahaha!!! My beauty sleep must wait, for this is how it feels to be completely happy and I really, really am so deeply, incredibly grateful to be alive right now, sharing the ultimate fantasy with my own true love and our gorgeous children. This is it…. In seventeen sleeps, Mark and I are getting married!

Claire xx