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Twin Flame Chemistry

30 September 2010
You look at me and I am spellbound inside the mystery - inside my favourite place again, where my heart quickens to the rhythm of the primal dance. Each time is like the first time, as waves of euphoria on an ocean of sighs fuse into the sultry tango of each other’s eyes.

You slowly melt into me, devouring me, adoring me, arousing the whole of me with just your gaze. You’re teasing me, calling me with your mind to follow you into our secret place – the volcano. I scream from the core with pure lust and adoration, for I can never give enough to this sacred alchemy.

Then in the ethereal pure light of your smile, I see the divine. I see a galaxy of stars shining through your eyes from the beginning of time. I see myself and my God through tears of pain and joy, healed in a moment through those beautiful eyes on that beautiful face just as time is now standing still for both of us.

We are one heart, one mind, one body entwined into one soul once more. I have remembered the music and the familiar pounding of the drums from long ago. I have remembered the ancient tango of twin flames as they dance and kiss and merge together, exploding as one inside the volcano and all I have done is to look straight back at you and smile…

Claire xx