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Monument Hill Crop Circle

10 August 2013
I tracked down the crop circle at Monument Hill in Etchilhampton near Devizes. A long hike out across a few fields and it finally appeared. It was enormous. I looked around and decided I should take some video of walking around it.

I was particularly interested in a small circle at the centre of one section. It was totally surrounded by about 4-5 foot of undisturbed crop. Each clump of stems grow only an inch or so from each other and you can`t walk through it without damaging the crop and leaving tracks. Thats why the farmers don`t want people just walking anywhere and to keep to the tram tracks. So how was this bit done? It looked near impossible to have been faked. I had to lean right over just to film it.

As the 3 hour drive back turned into a 5 hour one with a massive traffic jam otherwise known as the M4 at Bristol, I wondered if there had been other smaller markings around the circle I had missed? When I got home I looked though my photos and video, and checked the photos on Crop Circle Connection. Unbelievably, I couldn`t find the small circle I had filmed at all? I cross referenced all the photos, and checked where it should have been. It just wasn`t in the earliest ones. The circle must have been added after the circle was first discovered!

Mark + Claire xx