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Wessex Ridgeway Crop Circle

10 August 2013
Up at 2am and a 3 hour drive along the motorways to Wiltshire, armed with my google maps where to go, I couldn`t wait to get to my first crop circle.

The first one I tracked down was at Hackpen Hill. As I walked up the track I noticed a car with Belgian registration plates parked in the lane. I reached the center, only to discover people sprawled out in sleeping bags asleep. So a quick walk around the edge and I headed off to the next one.

I soon tracked down the one at Wessex Ridgeway near Roundway, jumped a gate and headed out across the field. A triangle within a triangle with orbiting spheres. It was amazing. After taking a few photos, I thought I should video it with my phone, so I made my first amateurish attempt at some filming.

Mark + Claire xx