Attracting Our Soul Mates And Twin Flame

26 June 2010
“Some of the universe's first stars might have been born as twins, according to a new study appearing in the journal Science, which shows how primordial clouds of gas could split into two dense stellar cores and eventually form binary star systems”. National Geographic Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Wiki says, that research between the early 1800s and today suggests that many stars are part of either binary star systems or star systems with more than two stars, called multiple star systems, so why is it so difficult for some people to believe in the concept of twin flames and soul mates, If we are all made up of the same stuff? Errr… stardust. Could we attract each other in the same way?

Sir William Herschel in 1802 described binary stars as, "a real double star - the union of two stars that are formed together in one system by the laws of attraction."

So what invisible forces bring twin flames and soul mates together out of all the people in the world? Is it coincidence or angels? Is it the law of attraction? Is it the invisible magnetic force that pulls two particles together? Luck? Astro physics? Pre life planning? Love?

Do we really understand the true essence of love and the invisible forces at work every moment, when we choose to resonate to its higher energy field (or the consequences when we don’t)? Do we believe enough in our own individual awesome power, as beings of light to manifest our ultimate dream? We could overcome illness and poverty and war, suffering and loneliness. We could manifest world peace and miracles, if we only believed enough in ourselves and that awesome energy of love within us all.

I experienced a glimpse of that power, when my autistic son Rick, manifested leukaemia. He was just seventeen. (He too is a twin, but lost his brother at 10 weeks from cot death.) I say manifested, because I believe he ‘chose’ the journey of cancer, so that he could learn to love himself free of his illness. You see, being autistic, Rick often used to physically bash himself up until he bled before he got leukaemia.

I believe, learning to truly love himself, healed not just the cancer, but aspects of his autism, yet every time he would slip back and abuse himself, the leukaemia would mysteriously return in the cyto genetic tests of his bone marrow.

Rick and I worked together constantly, concentrating on faith and pure love, (not even allowing well meaning relatives to pour their negative beliefs about his illness around him. Most thought the worst would happen anyway and I didn’t want their energy around him to bring him down any further) and miraculously, his cancer would disappear. This happened three times in total and the doctors had no explanation for his remissions.

He later became bound to a wheel chair for two and a half years and lost all of his teeth, because the steroids keeping his bone marrow transplant from being rejected had devoured his bone density and collapsed his hips altogether.

This is when Mark arrived, my beloved twin flame. Mark’s passion is ships. Rick’s passion is also ships, which we all found spookily the sameness somehow. Had they also drawn each other from the soul level from the same stuff as stars? We would both carry Rick up and down the stairs to our home, because he was just too weak to walk them himself.

Six years on from his diagnosis and Rick is now a healthy, twenty four year old man, boasting two new hips, a new smile and no longer bound to a wheel chair. Some people even think of him as an angel and I tend to agree.

Love always finds a beautiful way home, connecting us to each other, to our soul mates and to our one and only, our beloved twin flame, when we are truly ready for them to appear. Just like binary stars, we too, can each shine brightest when the sky is at its darkest, deepest, depths of night and isn’t it funny, how it always seems darkest just before the dawn?

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Wed 28 Jul 2010
Glad to hear Mark has a good relationship with you son it sounds like.. very inspiring. ...

Mon 31 Jan 2011
You both are so lovely, excuse me if I have written you both in the past, as if I feel I have. I read so much about Twin flames, because I have found mine last year. Anyhow, thank you for sharing your Beautiful story with us.. God bless to you both and Rick... Lisa ...Lisa Livingstone




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