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Manifesting A Miracle

07 August 2017

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I have always believed in miracles and in the handiwork of someone else far greater than I in granting them, yet I never knew until I called one up for my son Rick, that there was another element besides believing in it being granted that had to happen also.

All of us have perceived everyday miracles, when we have witnessed a newly born baby or an animal taking life’s first breath, or when we have gazed up in sheer wonder at the number of stars shining like diamonds in a clear night sky. How does a daffodil know when it is springtime, if it’s buried underneath the soil and who tells the rainbow to appear, just because it’s stopped raining?

When my mother found out that she had breast cancer, I asked her to believe that a miracle could happen for her, but instead she told me that she was going to die. It was devastating. She was a nurse and had seen what cancer does to people over and over again. She said if the chemo and radio therapy didn’t kill her, the sheer cancer would. It did. I was fifteen years old when she passed away, but I never gave up believing that a miracle really can happen, healing any sickness or terminal disease if we just have enough faith.

My autistic son Rick was in his last year of Special School and just eighteen years old when he was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which I have described fully in our book, ‘Twin Flames Kiss’.

At the time, he would bash himself up a lot physically until his face bled, which was very upsetting. He would also yell at the top of his voice and talk his thoughts out aloud all of the time, which used to drive us crazy too. Rick clearly needed a miracle and I was going to make sure that he believed me when I said that it could really happen.

I thought about the many miracles that Jesus performed in the Bible and in particular the one in John 5:8 with the lame man. Jesus had simply said, “Pick up your bed and walk”. Can you imagine being crippled and curled up in pain, lying on the ground with some stranger telling to you to get up and walk? It sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it?

I realised that it was not just Jesus who manifested that miracle, but the lame man, who had to be courageous enough to believe that he could actually get up without falling down in that very moment as well. Even though the miracle was granted, it took the lame man to act upon it to manifest. That was how he accepted his miracle.

What if the lame man did not act upon his faith?

The miracle could not be realised and he would have died there, being understandably just too afraid to move.

So the miracle had three elements.
1. It was granted.
2. The lame man believed that it was granted.
3. The lame man acted upon the miracle in complete faith.

It has been over ten years now, since Rick has had his bone marrow transplant. He now lives in his own flat and is financially independent. Rick is now completely free of cancer and we have been told by his specialists that he will probably out live us. We are so grateful.

I wonder how many miracles have been granted, yet have never manifest, because nobody took responsibility for their own part in it.

Recently, I was inspired to write the music, ‘For A Miracle’, which is on our CD, ‘Letters To Heaven,’ as a prayer in gratitude for Rick’s miracle. You can either just listen or meditate here at For A Miracle.

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