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Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina

20 March 2017

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Federico Fellini was a multi-Academy Award Winning Italian director and Giulietta Masina became his famed Italian actress wife and partner in life. Fellini once said "I was born the day I saw Giulietta for the first time".

They married in 1943 and 2 years later had a son, but he died after only a month and they were told by doctors not to try again. Together they immersed themselves in their work. His reputation as a director went from strength to strength, and with Guilietta cast in many of his films, her reputation as an actress also grew with him. In 1993 Fellini received his fifth Oscar, the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. In his acceptance speech he thanked only one person, his wife, Giulietta.

Not long after Fellini underwent major heart surgery, and a few months later suffered a stroke. Around the same time Giulietta developed lung cancer and underwent Chemotherapy treatment. Fellini then had a second stroke, and one day after their 50th wedding anniversary he died.

A few months later Giulietta also died. She was in an ordinary hospital ward, where she was not known. The next day when her sister arrived, one of the patients said to her they had seen the famous director Federico Fellini standing beside her bed the night before, as if he was waiting to collect her. And that what was really strange was that he was holding a small baby in his arms, something the public had never known about. Had Federico's soul come back for his beloved twin to be reunited again in the afterlife?

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