The One

08 August 2009
All my life, I have wondered why my relationships have been such insanely hard yakka. Was it me? Was there something intrinsically wrong with who I am? Why was I always walking on egg shells every day, unable to fully trust, sidetracking head games and feeling grossly misunderstood, manipulated, controlled, sexually and spiritually depraved and profoundly alone within each partnership? In retrospect, I now understand there was nothing wrong with me after all. I was being given the most wonderful opportunity in learning to love myself within my painful rollercoaster love life, bringing me closer to being ready to love “the one”, my beloved twin flame, as a spiritually whole and sexually empowered woman. The more painful the issues within the relationship, the deeper my lessons, when I consciously decided to start renovating the cr*p internally into something really beautiful for myself. Little did I know at the time, that these nightmare relationships were actually spiritually sculpturing my shadow feminine side into my highest potential of pure unconditional love and divine feminine being and that these were my spiritual journeys, miraculously transforming me into finally becoming whole.

I actually began seeking out difficult relationships to heal my inner insecurities and to learn more about myself. One relationship that I chose to experience, was with a man, who had multiple lovers, so I could experience my possessive and jealous tendencies and transform them into allowing my partner to be whoever he wanted to be without trying to change him.

Throughout these relationship trials, I never gave up believing that “the one” was coming, for when I was just three years old, lying on a little cot mattress on the floor of my mother’s bedroom, I called out to him. “I know you’re here now, somewhere out there. I don’t know your name and I don’t know what you look like, but I can feel you now and one day I know we will be together forever”. Romantic words for a three year old, but it’s absolutely true and I will never forget that feeling of excitement and sheer anticipation of knowing “the one” was here somewhere in the world and that I was actually connecting with him from Melbourne, Australia, reaching out from my soul to a baby boy in Wolverhampton, England all those years ago. It took two horrendous marriages for each of us, numerous love affairs and forty seven years, to finally get together after that to reconnect as twin flames. As a child I would frequently fly away in my dreams across the rooftops to my beloved and Mark tells me astral travel was something he experienced regularly also, flying off into the night across the park in the exact same direction over the rooftops to Melbourne, Australia.

How do you know he’s the one, my twin flame, you may ask? Well that’s simple. I knew when I was three, how it would feel or resonate with me on a soul level to be with “the one”, I just didn’t understand the words “twin flames” then. Mark and I completely resonate to the same frequency spiritually, intellectually, physically and in every way and on every level. We just resonate, we don’t even try. It just is and it just happens in the most delicious, harmonious, enthralling way. Trust is 100%, no head games, control or manipulation. We do not need to explain anything to each other, for we already understand and sexx is pure tantric, being intensely sensual and erotic, creative and mind blazingly spiritual. We simply melt into each other like one being in sync. Deep at the core we both feel a profound urge to write about our love for one another, for we believe there is “the one” for every person, on every level and in every way. To us, that oneness is very, very sexy when you are the very best you can possibly be. Mark even possesses attributes from everyone I’ve ever loved. He is all the best bits and more put together. When I first lay eyes on him, I was utterly spellbound. He was physically exactly what I’d ever dreamed of and fantasized about. He was the perfect man for me. It’s like I already knew him and have been searching for him in others ever since I was just three years old.

Oh yeah, he’s “The One” alright, my Twin Flame!

There truly is “The One”, out there somewhere who is just perfect for each of us, your Twin Flame... even if it takes a lifetime to find them. Even if you don’t feel the one you’re with right now is “The One”, they may be here to teach something precious about the person you really are and drawing you one step closer to meeting your Twin Flame, “The One”.

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Sat 24 Jul 2010
i had no idea about twin flames and when i met him and looked into his eyes "those are my eyes" and the feeling is straight to my heart i could almost cry ,the feeling of him was the "stranger" who was just love in my dreams, that's him /for the first times looking in his eyes was like falling down a flight of stairs i could have stayed forever "why are you so familiar"/ ...

Sat 24 Jul 2010
I absolutely am inlove with your stories! I have nothing but congratulations to give you both, and I keep the hope that one day soon I can feel and live in the completion that you both do. The love that you write about sings in my heart and keeps my soul glowing. Thank you for sharing! ...

Wed 28 Jul 2010
Wow! Just like you,I had this inner knowing I'd eventually find what everyone searched their whole lives to find and I knew that even as a kid.
In the dating scene, I've faced one disappointment after another. Never really ended up in a full relationship but I always managed to attract the players, lowlifes, manipulators......guys who really didn't care. I used to think to myself, "It shouldn't be this hard. Maybe that just means there is something wrong with me." Even in my darkest hours, I haven't given up hope he was out there. And he was.....all along. When was considering moving out of state, a voice within told me that I was where I needed to be. In time,I would meet my "other half" here (I didn't learn about twin flames until later that year), and no where else. And maybe a year and a half later..........I did. All the wait, all the frustrations was worth the wait and if I could,I'd through it all over again. ...

Wed 11 Aug 2010
The more we can all share our stories, the more we can raise the vibration to pure love! Thank you all for your comments. We love hearing from you! Mark and Claire xx ...

Sun 19 Sep 2010
thank you for sharing what you have..i too, have been thinking that something must be wrong with me....sooo many disappointments in dating and relationships. im 47 and with all
my heart want to believe that "my one" is out there, somewhere.
thanks again. ...karen

Sat 13 Nov 2010
THIS is the type of twin flame relationship I am in. :)It's brings me such joy and delight! ...Kayla

Mon 19 Sep 2011
I'm in love with your stories too! Love+lust+spirituality. Keep it up! ...Kel

Mon 02 Jan 2012
My TF and I have met a couple of times in this he is leaving me again :(..he only has days to live...the intensity of the love is overwhelming..we were cruelly separated the last 5 mths by his eldest son....however the "reunion" has been magical...I believe we were parted to help me cope before he goes and for him to assist me when he visited so he knew i would be ok. ...Vickie

Thu 07 Feb 2013
I just want to tell you that you have restored my faith in love. Thank you for sharing and GOD BLESS ...Marianna




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