26 February 2011
We come here. We learn what others think is right and wrong/ good and bad. When we are babies, we are rewarded when we let out a great big burp, or produce a massive f*rt in our nappies and then when we are toddlers, we are scorned for doing the same old thing. Life is so confusing for a budding Einstein…

We learn fast though, so whenever we are rewarded for doing and saying things our parents believe is right, we feel good and take on that belief system as the only correct way. Similarly, whenever we are punished for doing things and saying things that our parents do not approve of, we hurt like hell and discover how BAD we really are.

Not only do we learn fast, we are also pretty smart, (anyone who doesn’t believe this has been programmed to believe otherwise), and so we do what is the easiest and safest most of the time. I say most of the time, because sometimes we do what WE want and all we are doing is actually being true to ourselves (the first lesson on the spiritual journey).

We just obey the rules, because we don’t want to get into trouble, so we comply with authority and in the name of goodness, we are being programmed to be mini mummies and daddies, complete with all of their fears and belief systems. Then we go to school and the programming continues. Don’t do this and don’t do that. Don’t think for yourself. Just listen and do as I say and then you’ll get good grades. Hell that’s how you become really smart and can even top the class you know and one day, you might be someone!

Some of us are also threatened to take on our parents’ religious beliefs. The devil. God. Guilt. Judgment. Fear. Sin. Oh that’s right; the wages of sin is death. God, I must be evil. I am so bad. It doesn’t take rocket science to work that one out…

When I got married for the first time and even the second, I continued the rules of childhood, so whenever my husband beat me up, I thought I deserved it. After all, I used to get a hiding every day for something, even when I tried to do the right thing.

Then one day I dared to think for myself and somewhere deep in the core of my being, I believed something else was true. I became deeply depressed and very angry. Something told me there was something very wrong and I began to question the authority of outside, trusting the voice of my own inner wisdom. I remember the first time I realized, “They just want to control me”, and that was the impetus to let go of everything I had ever learned and started reprogramming myself to be truly “me” from the inside out.

If something doesn’t feel right, trust it. You don’t have to believe everything people say, even if you admire that person. We are all human and are all learning to trust ourselves after all. None are better than anyone else. We are all Sovereign beings of Love, here to remember how to do just that. Discernment is intuition – inner tuition. Trust it!

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Tue 15 Nov 2011
Some of what you write is ok.

But you are overly carnal and slightly deluded-what you describe isnt a sacred sexuality.

I have to believe that you think you have a TF connection but it sounds unlikely. ...Almond




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