Sex is not a Sin and Twin Flames Sex

09 October 2010
So you want to know what it’s really like to have “twin flames sex”? Well we think that’s a really good question and we’d love to share the answer with you, but first we’d like to open up on the subject a little first, if that’s ok? So, let’s talk about “sex”...

One of the most wonderful experiences we can have as humans has been turned by many over thousands of years into the cause of endless pain. To this day, we have to endure others deciding, defining, what is sexually acceptable and what isn’t. They decide on, what is arguably based on their own experiences, issues and fears and then impose them on the rest of us. Whether they are religious organisations, sects, nationalities, races, governments, or committees, they all think they know and have the right, to draw the line in the sand on what is right and wrong for all of us. If any of us dare to step over those biased boundaries, then we are frowned at or persecuted. The boundaries they define are often based on their own Fears. This form of control and judgement is definitely not what we classify as Love.

Sex is also one of the most powerful motivators there is, not only for light, but also for darkness. Sex has often been used as a big carrot to attract a partner into a relationship, only to be rapidly redefined by one party soon after marriage, to then be followed by years of pain, as the relationship spirals downwards. It has been the cause/reason for endless acts of adultery, lying and deception. Countless relationships and children have suffered because of it and loving caring people hurt, both in and out of the relationship.

Sex has been used for millennia to dominate, repress and control other people. Worse still, it has been the dark hidden indirect motivator behind people who would do anything to become powerful, rich or famous. Why? To be adored? Looked up to? Adulated? Loved? Desired? There was a lot of substance to Freud’s theory that sexual desire was the main motivational energy of human life. Unfortunately, this is not always for the good. We believe that these sexual issues and power games arise when one or both parties have not learnt to truly Love “themselves” enough and are looking “outside” themselves for that Love.

Even within any particular religious organisation/nationality/race, different people have totally differing beliefs on what is acceptable and what isn’t. This is again, based on their own individual Fears. Sexual incompatibility is a major cause of relationship failures. It is so personal we will never really know just how much. Yet, when based on Love, sex can be one of the most uplifting, powerful and divine experiences we can have in life. It can transcend us into euphoria from all the boring day to day worries in life, even if the gas bill still hasn’t been paid. It can bring pleasure to both parties at any time of the day or night, regardless of what the daily schedule is.

Awesome sex is only limited by your own imagination and time. It can take you higher than any drug or alcohol can, to the point where it is purely Divine. As many spiritual writings suggest, sacred sex can unlock the highest levels of spirituality. But what is this “sacred sex” exactly you may ask? Now we’re getting back to what it’s “really” like to have “twin flames sex”. So here we go...

We believe it is the perfect alchemy of love and lust - lust being a magic ingredient to Love and not in duality to it, as many people believe. Are you shocked? We feel that our lust for each other comes from the energy of Divine Love and our chemistry requires both to work together as one. The idea of Love without lust for us, is actually pretty boring!

We think, as long as sex is based on Love and you aren’t hurting anyone emotionally, physically or mentally, then there doesn’t need to be any limit or restriction controlling you and pretty much anything you fancy doing between the two of you is ok. If hurt really is an issue somewhere, then more work needs to be done on the “self” honestly and very gently. This is how we define balancing the male and feminine energies within each of us.

The more these feminine/masculine energies are balanced within both of you, the more doors it opens and frees you to explore without the head games and power trips we’ve all experienced at some time or another in our sex lives. That‘s the difference with us now having twin flames sex together. Both of us have worked very hard on separately balancing the masculine and feminine energies within by learning to Love ourselves unconditionally first, before coming together... And it’s really, really very, very hard, but healing work and truly worth it!

Sometimes when short on time, sex is a quick and frantic coming together for us, but more often than not, we Love to indulge in the theatre of sex over many hours on end. Either way, it’s based totally on Love, so anything goes. As you’ve probably surmised, we have the most intensely wonderful, mind blowingly, sacred and erotically sex life imaginable and more. There is something so liberating in unleashing yourself with the person who is absolutely and undeniably the perfect one for you in every way possible and even after all our years of experience, we constantly discover new things we had never thought of to explore together. This creativity prevents the boredom that so often many couples experience and get stuck in a rut with. Perhaps the fact that our chemistry is so potent and our sex drives are equally insatiable makes it even more amazing. It’s as if our previous experiences with other relationships have enabled us both to practice for the real thing.

There are no limits, as we both share the same desires and neither one of us is being harmed in anyway. We Love to explore the depths of each other’s passion and are even discovering deeper ways to merge on higher and higher levels of ecstasy, as we explore the realms of pure unleashed sexual freedom. This is not the information however, that we are reading about with other twin flame stories. Our Love encompasses absolutely everything and not just the “spiritual union” expressed in other twin flame forums. The fact that other twin flame couples do not always share the same sexual intensity as us is neither good or bad, nor right or wrong by us, as each of these couples are perfectly compatible for each other in every way. We just happen to be a bit decadent so to speak...

We also experience sex as a Divine way to worship each other and sometimes the energy is so intense, our bodies feel like blowing up literally and transforming into another form or just pure spirit. Honestly! It’s like when the core of the volcano gets so hot, it shoots lava for miles and miles before cooling into molten rock. That energy we create seems almost too intense for our bodies to contain at times even after multiple orgasms. The lightness and connectiveness we share continues to keep us merged as one unit for hours and hours after sex, so that there is always harmony and peace between us, unless of course that sexual tension builds up again and then it’s back to the volcano in the bedroom again or anywhere else we fancy for that matter...

Just imagine if everyone was experiencing this sacred sex and being worshiped by the other as God or Goddess, perhaps there wouldn’t be so much darkness in the world anymore, for we would all be anticipating the next Divine encounter with the love of our lives! So if you are feeling shackled in a relationship where Sex just isn’t balanced, and you’re constantly being left unsatisfied, seriously consider freeing yourself to be available to find a new relationship with someone with whom you can reach those dizzy heights and experience Divine unbounded Sex, with a like minded lustful partner. Sex is really not a sin when it’s just like that.

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Sun 10 Oct 2010
Amen! Now THIS is the kind of twin soul relationship I'm interested in! Thank you so much for sharing!!:) It makes me want to dance... ...Gold Cherub

Thu 27 Jan 2011
Great article. Can't imagine it being any other way ! ...Lori

Tue 01 Feb 2011
It's so amazing! I always thought this is the true sexual connection; spiritual love and lust together. Finally I saw it here on your website. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. May I ask your birthdate information to see your charts in divine twinflame connection. I would love to see the panets how they are line up. Thank you. ... Violet

Mon 28 Feb 2011
Thankyou for identifying the true nature of love and lust. My partner and I have similar experiences to yours - and I was told in a reading last year we were 'twin flames', which I had never heard of before. ...Sue

Sun 16 Oct 2011
loved reading your article, that sounds just the same as the passion my twin flame and I share... And it keeps getting better... I could not have imagined the depth of feeling we share, its like his body is my body.... wow .... thankyou... J ...Jacqueline

Sun 23 Oct 2011
It's quite understood sex isn't a sin. But you haven't taled about how sexual union between you both has helped you spiritually, if at all. And what I've come to learn is that souls meet their twins only during the last stage of their growth before they leave this realm altogether. And a soul can reach that stage only through giving up worldly desires. ...Neha

Mon 24 Oct 2011
"And a soul can reach that stage only through giving up worldly desires..." Neha. Dear Neha, our sex is pure love. Surely you do not classify pure love as worldly desires... for where there is pure love Neha, we believe there God also abides... This is the spiritual journey of continuous merging into oneness with each other and with God.
...Mark and Claire

Sat 29 Oct 2011
Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it. I apologize if I came across as insulting your love. I do believe you both have nothing but pure love between each other. It's just that I'm still learning, and I question everything. I've met my twin flame too, but I feel there is still so much to learn.

:) ...Neha

Thu 24 Nov 2011
I was thrilled to find this article. I was married for 22 years and sex was always an "issue" between us. We rarely had sex and when we did, it was often a chore. My husband was sure that I did not like sex. Actually, we got married for "the children" before we even had children. We both wanted more for our children's future than we had (spiritually, emotionally, financially, and so on). On a deep level, I would just not some places sexually because it felt "WRONG" to me. It felt too much of a compromise of who I was. Throughout our marriage, I obtained an education, did personal mental health and spiritual work. My husband did none of those things. Finally, my husband and I had that honest conversation about why we came together and decided to kiss and part as friends. I met my twin flame during this exact time. I wasn't even aware of the term until I described our relationship to a psychic/healer friend of mine. My twin had such a "tempter" side to him, at any other time ...Annette

Mon 05 Dec 2011
I do understand this 110%, and do believe that it is possible! I too myself have my twin flame, and we too connect just like that sexually. It is the most amazing thing one could ever imagine. It is like having sex with your partners whole body inside of you. The connection we both get cannot be described.. I cannot even say it is love, it is far more than that and cannot even think of a word to describe it. We have found that we can talk to each other through our souls and find it that we can have conversations without speaking out loud and then realise afterwards what has happened. Sex is indescribable when it comes to your twin soul! and is not "ordinary" sex like most people I know experience. Hopefully one day everyone in this world will be able to experience it! ...Alessandra

Mon 09 Jan 2012
This is what we need - an iinhsgt to make everyone think ...Nash

Sun 19 Feb 2012
Thank you for walking your talk and thus prompting others to still dream of their own Twin Flame reunion..
( alas, mine has gone with the wind! LOL!)
It's really strange..I have been aware of the yearning since the age of reason however, to this day, I have had NO conscious awareness of MY TF..not in dreams, nor in meditation etc...
I have given TF reunion workshops then ceased holding them because I felt like a fraud..I was often asked the question:- "Where's YOURS"?..hmm.. I had no answer so ..goodbye workshops.. LOL!
However what I do to cope with the yearning is to write poetry pertaining to THE Love and also create art ( paintings etc)
You may care to visit my site at



PS I live in Croatia now but grew up in Melbourne ..

Wed 01 Aug 2012
Hi u2
We havent heard anything in this article that sounds like
twins in divine union. Just a bunch of vague nothings about a couple who appear to be nothing more than in lust with each other
Mel& Nicole ...mel

Mon 24 Sep 2012
i started to feel like this with just one people in my life... It was amazing - we was making love, not sex. It was like fluid, like water, kissing and enjoying, the head was like a drunk, there were no time...and the walls of room started to shake, the ceilings was in fog... and then appeared blinking green small stars... un in the night started sowhere in parallel universe signing an angels, or some violin music.. we was practising it about a year.. this love was so close, we can make love all night, and just sleep 2 hours and then to work...afterwards i can fully work and we felt happy... when we touched each other with arms, the light come through fingers, the aura was so intensive.. that we became as one and after some minutes i cant feel where is mine hand and where is her's... now we are separate 2 years... and i am searching all this time what is was... i cant live anymore, i cant be here on planet Earth without her, i know she also cant, bet the life turned in such a way.. ...Zvaigznes

Sat 13 Apr 2013
(Replying to Mel Nicole)

Wed 01 Aug 2012 Hi u2 We havent heard anything in this article that sounds like twins in divine union.Just a bunch of vague nothings about a couple who appear to be nothing more than in lust with each other Mel& Nicole ...mel

Another invalidation from Mr Know it all
Is yours a really a divine union Mel?
Nicole colludes with your grandiosity allows you to be deluded into thinking you are one of Gods chosen few-but think on..does God favour control freaks that are angry egocentric competitive and constantly claim superiority.


Sun 21 Jun 2015
Thank you, thank you for this article! I recently found who I believe is my twin and our insatiable appetite for each other and creativity for sex is unlike anything I've read about regarding tf stories. And we haven't even met in the physical yet! We can feel each others' energy through the computer and we indulge each others' fantasies without shame or guilt. It's very liberating to share with someone this kind of love. ...Sam




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