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Valentines Day

07 February 2015

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What are you planning for Valentine’s Day this year? Are you sending a card to a secret someone you fancy by any chance with words of passion and undying love in a moment of romantic abandon? Or is it guilt? Has the marketing machine sucked you in by the balls, making you feel completely inadequate and guilt ridden if you don’t do something mushy, or if you’re hopeful to be on the receiving end of amorous advances, feeling unattractive or not good enough if you don’t find an envelope under the door this year from at least one if not a handful of secret admirers? We all know what tricks Mr Hallmark relies on every February 14th to benefit his pocket from don’t we?

Being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily flag a romantic candlelit dinner for two, with a bottle of bubbly and chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day as well, because relationships come in all shapes and sizes. You may not be rushing off to a clandestine rendezvous in a five star hotel either. Valentine’s Day does however trigger an opportunity to ponder if you are happy or not in your relationship, no matter how old you are. And if you’re not happy in yourself, you can’t expect to be happy in your relationship either.

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate love, not just on Valentine’s Day, because we all deserve a little romance to get the heart racing and our eyes sparkling and to feel as if we are truly special and treasured by someone at the same time. Mark makes me feel like that, but I haven’t always known that feeling of loving deeply and being romantically adored at the same time in my other relationships. Now I believe that romance really can last forever.

I always knew that he would come into my life, yet he was not to be my first love bursting with pimples and testosterone and school yard fumbling. No, no, he was to be my last love, my one and only true love, fifty Valentine’s Days later. Our love is the final masterpiece that we can both share by celebrating every day of our lives. You see when Mark walks into the room, my jaw just drops down dead, because he is just so damn attractive to me. He is someone who makes me flush, as he plays tango with my eyes across the room and takes my breath right away every time he speaks my name. For us it’s like celebrating Valentine’s Day every day and we believe everyone has the right to experience that magic also. So keep the romance sizzling and even if you’re single tell someone you love them today. You never know what difference you can make or where it may lead you in the future. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! xo

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