I Dont Feel Like I Belong Here Anymore

28 December 2015
I look at the news and see wars, with humans killing other humans. The clamour for power, for control, and the lengths some people, governments, corporations will go to just sickening.

I see people so greedy they will lie, cheat and steal money off others for their own benefit, with no concern for their victims. Banks and corporations so rich with profits, but only with a hunger for more.

I see people in need of help, ignored. People homeless, starving, disease ridden, while others with personal riches measured in million and billions only concerned about becoming even richer.

I see mobile phones worshiped like some sort of religious idol. Tap tap tap in the lounge, tap tap tap at the dining table, carried with them everywhere, to the bathroom, to bed, can't go anywhere without it. Young people walking down the street, totally engrossed in a piece of plastic glued to their ear, walking into you and then glaring at you as though it was your fault, cars stationary at green traffic lights the driver busy texting.

I see narcissism running rampant across social media, duck faces, airbrushed photos and massive egos. Out of control online feuds fought out in public and settled in duels of blocking. Apps to track your health, body weight, pulse, location.

I see our privacy stripped from us by our own governments, our emails recorded, texts, phone calls, search history, our location, all archived away to be used, or misused, but who knows who, or how, sometime in the future. Generations have fought and given their lives for our freedom, for democracy, only for it to then be taken away by our own governments. And no-one complains.

I see a species so lacking of empathy, of sharing, of love, it is now a marvel when someone actually does show some.

What sort of race are we? Why can't we all share what we have on this planet? Why can't we stop killing and taking from others, to get more for ourselves? There is enough to go around for everyone to have a home, food, clothing, heating, healthcare, education, if we all just could agree to care about others, work together and share.

But sadly, we don't and it only seems to be getting worse. Where is it all going to end up?

I just don't understand. How can we be like this? There must be something wrong with me not wanting to be like others. I just don't feel part of this species anymore.

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