Crying Souls

07 July 2009
This is one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had. At first, we found it hard to believe, but only after experiencing it a number of times did we come to accept it, whatever it may be. It is definitely not our imagination.

It seemed to occur during our sleep, when being back together, after having been apart. The first time we were physically together (a whole article in itself) was a very emotionally charged time. We spent 6 wonderful days and nights experiencing each other, sharing the love we have in the flesh for the first time. During one of those nights, in our wrap, Claire awoke to hear me (still fast asleep), making a beautiful ‘crying’ type of sound. It wasn’t words. It wasn’t breathing, or any form of snoring and when we have both tried to mimic the sound consciously, found it impossible. The best description we could come up with, is that it was more like the sound you hear whales making when they call to each other; a long soulful cry that comes from deep within. As soon as I awoke, it stopped and I listened with astonishment as she described what she had heard.

It happened again a number of times over the following nights and again during nights of the weekends, which followed, when I flew up to be with her. One night, I awoke and heard Claire making the same divine sounds, whilst she was asleep. On another night, I awoke and momentarily heard myself still making the noise, just for a couple of seconds before I became fully conscious to see Claire lying there listening to me.

What it is, we can only surmise. We’re not imagining it, and it is nothing either of us have ever heard or experienced before, either separately, or with others. We’ve googled for what it could be and couldn’t find anything. We can’t uncover anything on souls making noises in our research. Talking it through and feeling what it is, we came to the following conclusion: we both believe it is our souls crying out to each other in rapture, at being back together in oneness after being apart for so many eons.

Here is a piece of music Claire wrote about Crying Souls...





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Wed 17 Nov 2010
that so cute ...Daughter

Tue 19 Jul 2011
Oh my god! I know the sound! I got goosebumps all over when I read this. I dreamt this sound several times. There is no good description for it but in my dreams it is always made by a male-energy who shows me his love. This male-energy appeared in my dreams after I found my wonderful twin flame. I can see the sound making waves of energy, expressing true love on the highest frequency possible. ...kate

Wed 07 Sep 2011
I too have made this sound and woke myself up to it. Several times.. As i woke up i found myself weeping too. ...Terry

Mon 09 Jan 2012
I'm not easliy impressed. . . but that's impressing me! :) ...Kaycee

Thu 24 May 2012
i am 19 and have recently found my twinflame. it is the most wonderful divine experience of my life. I am truly blessed to have found my twinflame at such a young age. The more i am awaken, the more symptoms appear before me. Everytime I reunite with him for the day and i back home for the night, ive been realizing i make the same EXACT noise in my sleep as you described!! its beyond a good way of course. lol. It's truly a beautiful experience that no one can understand except those who have been reunited with their other half of self. :) Wish you two the best of luck!! God Bless :) ...Nikki

Sun 12 Aug 2018
To this day...MY TF mocks me with that sound I made one night while in between sleep. He tries to copy it, but neither of us can. I can only describe it as you have...the crying out of a whale. I only remember it vaguely and do not recall it ever happening again. Amazing others have experienced this as well. The Crying Souls piece is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you... ...MJ




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