Your Life Review

16 October 2014
Some people like to believe we are only here by chance. We get one life and when we die, we are gone. Thats it. You know the old saying... 'You only live once'. Or so they think. Others believe that when we die, we merely discard our physical body, move to another realm and later return in a new body to live another life, eventually returning many times over and having many lives. That is, we are not our body.

If we are only have one life, well then, when we die there will be nothing and those who thought that won't even know they were right. On the other hand, if we have many, we will soon know, but probably just have a bit of a giggle at all those back here still living and worrying about clinging on as long as we can.

We don't really know which it is, or have any real way of finding out. Or do we ?

In just about every ancient culture, spread across all parts of the world, there has been a belief that there is something after death. Somehow they all seemed to know something, somehow.

From another viewpoint, if people really believed we were here purely by chance, and there was nothing after death, then why isn't everyone out there taking, stealing, raping, pillaging and plundering? Ok, well yes, there are a lot doing that right now. But deep down do most of us suspect, or subconsciously know, there is a higher existence we might have to answer to one day? Is that where self-restraint comes from?

With today's state of medical science and technology, it is becoming more and more common, that people who clinically die can be brought back to life. As the pool of people who have experienced this grows ever bigger, more and more are returning with highly credible evidence there really is something after death.

One of my favourite television programs is 'I survived...Beyond and Back', where people who had clinically died were interviewed about what they experienced. Many spoke of leaving their bodies, going down the tunnel of light, meeting dead relatives, talking with them, of being told its not their time and to go back. The scientific detractors say its just chemical reactions in the brain inducing vivid dreams and they're not real. Ha, scientists.

But what about the endless stream of people who can recount specific events that occurred whilst they were clinically dead? How the nurse dropped a surgical instrument on the floor and the doctor swore at her? At how a piece of machinery malfunctioned and had to be replaced? Of specific conversations that took place in another place? ...all while the person was actually dead? They just can not be mere chemical reactions in the brain.

What they tell us is that we are NOT our body. We are our SOUL. That is who we really are. It is our soul that defines who we are and lives on when our body dies and is discarded. Unfortunately, many people do not nurture their soul during their life, they only focus on their body, materialistic possessions and money. And worst of all, they show no respect for others souls.

Most interestingly of all, one thing many of those who have clinically died say is that they undergo a Life Review. Their whole life is literally replayed in front of them, nothing can be hidden and they feel every choice they have ever made.

They experience what they have given to other souls they have interacted with in their life. They experience the warmth and light of the joy and Love they have given and shared with others. And they also relive all the pain and suffering they have inflicted on others they have hurt and made suffer. They actually feel the pain and suffering they inflicted on others.

Think about it. If everybody appreciated this, we would all be so much more focused on being loving towards others, and think twice about hurting someone else, and the world would be so much more full of Love.


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