Duality and Oneness

04 July 2010
The most divine energy flows between us most of the time. It’s like sipping ice cold champagne in a cool running stream on a hot summer ‘s day, with just a hint of frangipani wafting in the breeze, whilst drooling deeply into each other’s eyes, or sometimes I think we’ve both been catapulted into a parallel world where everything is just perfect ninety nine point nine percent of the time! I say most of the time honestly, because yes, there are times when Mark and I have had words and it feels like pure hell for both of us. I want to talk about that now. Just because we are twin flames, doesn’t mean that we never have conflict and we’re certainly not a couple of goody -goody two shoes either!

As blissful as most days are, the reverse can also be true. It can be the most soul wrenching emptiness to feel separated from the “one” ; “separated“ being the key word here, because as twins, we are simply one unit “all of the time”, no matter what we “think” and only “feel” torn apart, when one of us doubts for an instant that we are “not” one. Duality is simply an illusion.

Our sexual tension is so intense, that passion is highly concentrated and mostly this is a mind-blowing thing. We are still learning how to handle this powerful energy and sometimes the volcano simply erupts when one of us thinks we are a couple of blazing volcanoes in the middle of Peru instead of just one and I don’t mean in a happy way.

Today is one of those days and it all began when doubt slipped back into my mind and I got hooked into believing the illusion of duality. You know this oneness aspect is actually the most difficult feature of our twin flame relationship for me personally to get the hang of one hundred percent of the time, because for fifty years, all of my other relationships were based on duality. When there was a domestic altercation, I simply stood up to the other person in my younger years and said my bit, perhaps even dumping stuff on them and blamed them for the drama without looking at my own cr*p in the mirror. That was in my old “dark shadow feminine behaviour” days, or in more recent times, I was so busy focusing in on my own spiritual journey, that I saw each obstacle to be a lesson just for me personally to learn and grow from by myself. Well, I slipped back into that old mindset before coming to my senses in writing this article today and making the conscious choice of oneness with Mark, my beloved twin once again. I’m actually amazed that our relationship wasn’t sucked into a black hole to implode forever in the mean time.

Mark and I know that joining forces to overcome obstacles together as one unit instead of two people is the only way for us to function as twin flames and to help raise the vibration of energy around us to pure, unconditional love. We are learning and growing together, instead of on separate spiritual journeys through the constant choice of oneness. It’s not always easy, but it is pure magic and together we can overcome any controversy that may arise now or in the future. This is how we choose to love and how we have also soared above the potholes of the past. Now back to that champers … Cheers twin!

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Wed 28 Jul 2010
How does Mark handle the feeling of "oneness"? I have read some things that indicate the male half would have more of the problem with it, though of course everyone is an individual and different. I have to admit it's one of my main fears uniting with my Twin, that he will still want to "do his own thing" to the harm of our unit.. but, this could be MY shadow. ...

Sun 01 Aug 2010
Thanks for bouncing with us. It got us thinking, and we thought it was a great suggestion. All I can say, is I have no desire or pull to 'do my own thing'. I just can't get enough time with Claire. So I wrote an article from my perspective. You can find it here... Oneness And Duality. ...Mark ...




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