Our Guardian Angels

27 June 2021
When my daughter was little, for three years she suffered from asthma and would often start coughing in the night, coughing so bad at times it sounded like a grown man’s cough. Her mother and I would alternate nights to get up and check she was ok.

Lianas room was down the corridor and we always left her door half open so we could hear her clearly. One night when it was my turn and I heard her coughing. I got up and headed down the corridor, we never turned any lights on, it was better to minimise disturbing her if we could. As I reached Lianas door I looked in towards her cot and there was a bright blue ball of light hovering over it. It was about the size of a golf ball, and it was just such a brilliant blue. It wasn't smooth, it had a tiny sparkle to it, a bit like the bubbles in a soda drink. I stood there in disbelief and in a flash it was gone. Did I really see that? I settled Liana down and went back to bed. I didn't say anything to Lianas mom as I didn't want to worry her over something I might have imagined.

The next night Liana started coughing again. It was her mother’s night and she got out of bed and headed down the hall and settled her down. I heard her coming back, walking a lot quicker, and when she came in the bedroom she thought I was asleep and wanted to immediately wake me up. 'Mark, Mark, you'll never guess what just happened. As I got to Lianas room there was a ball of blue light over her cot'. I shot bolt upright in bed. I hadn't imagined it the night before. I told her my experience from the night before and we were both in disbelief.

There could be numerous explanations for it, but we both independently saw it so we know it was real. For both of us, when we went in Lianas room it felt a warm loving protective energy. We came to the conclusion it was Lianas guardian angel watching over her, having already endured two major operations in her first few years it was reassuring to feel she was being looked over and protected by her own guardian angel.

Angels can't directly control your life, but I feel they can gently guide you this way, or that way, to help you make the right choices. That little voice in your head saying not to do something could be your guardian angel protecting you from something you never even know about. A few weeks ago we went out to drive to an important appointment and the car wouldn’t start and it ended up at the garage and we missed the appointment. We just said to each other ‘were weren’t supposed to go there today for some reason, our angels have stepped in’ and accepted it (bizarrely, the next day the garage could find no problem at all and it started every time). Conversely, that urge to get up and do something, to make something happen, is also them trying to help you choose to do something that would be good for you.

So today Claire and I were out at a pub and somehow this story came up and we were talking about it, and how we both believe we all have guardian angels watching over us, trying to help us make the right choices, helping gently guide us this way or that. When we got home we walked into the kitchen and there lying in the middle of the kitchen floor was a white feather. They often say when you find a white feather in a place it has no reason to be, it is the calling card of an angel. There was no reason for it to be there, we have no idea where it could have come from, we walk through there constantly and it definitely wasn’t there when we went out. It was as if it was a confirmation of what we had just been talking about.

For you Liaana Jaadee. If you make the effort to change things, and try, the angels will help you get there. ? ?

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