Do Animals Have Souls ?

07 June 2010
So do animals have souls? A lot of people seems to think they do, but then the way I see a lot of people treat animals, clearly many don’t (in fact, they’re probably also the same people who have closed minds when it comes to people having souls).

What got us thinking about this, were some curious events that we started to notice. Since Claire and I began living together, we’d notice that whenever there had been any trouble, grief, pressure, stress, etc., dumped on either of us, the very next day a little grey, white and black Butcher Bird would come and land on our verandah balcony right next to one of us. Not any other day, only on the day after darkness had been thrust into our lives by others. It was as though it was trying to tell us all would be okay, or something.

As time went on, it clearly became less and less afraid of us. Sometimes it would come and land on other unoccupied seats right next to us. Other times it would land on the balcony rails right next to one of us, within just a couple of feet. On one occasion it had it baby with it, and they both landed on the balcony rail right next to me. The adult even sat there, only about two foot away and within easy distance of reaching it, with its back to me, something I’d never seen a wild bird do before. That’s what I call trust.

We talked about it quite a lot, and we started to remember other strange (and not so strange) experiences.

Before I knew Claire, when she was living at Hope Island, and not entirely happy in a previous relationship, a strange cat appeared at her glass bedroom sliding doors late one night. She had never seen it before, and it seemed frantic to be let in. She opened the door and it jumped up on her bed, and then snuggled right up into her neck purring madly as if it knew her. Anyway, after a while it decided it wanted out, and off it went. The next day her relationship broke up.

At Hope Island, not long after I met her, she told me all about it, knowing it sounded very strange, and wondering if I would believe it. Then very late one weekend night I was staying up at Hope Island, the cat appeared at her door again, and was meowing loudly to come in. She opened the door and the cat raced in, leapt up on the bed, straight up onto my stomach, and snuggled up on my chest purring madly. What strange cat ever does that? It spent about half an hour swapping between us on the bed, madly purring and us stroking it. It was the weirdest looking cat I have ever seen. It looked more like a racoon to me. It had black patches around it eyes, and a long black and white striped tail. Then suddenly it wanted out and off it went. We never saw it again. Claire believes it was a sign…first of the end of a relationship, and then the beginning of a new one. Who knows? But it was definitely a strange experience.

And there are countless examples of how animals have altered peoples thoughts or actions, big and small, throughout time. And they aren’t always pets, often they are unfamiliar or even wild animals, in a seemingly chance encounter. See our article on Turkeys, Dragons and Snakes !!

What if they weren’t just by chance though? My feelings (and I’m just purely going with feeling here) is maybe, just maybe, spirits (souls) can temporarily take over an animal? Then they could interact with a specific person, or people, about specific things in their lives at that time, and then leave. They don’t want, or need, to be trapped in an animal for a whole life, just for a couple of carefully selected occasions when they need to interact with someone in a profound way. They don’t need to be pets, and it could just be for a few minutes, or even seconds, to interact with a specific person at a specific time. It’s a way they could help influence what a person thinks, or does.

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Sat 09 Jul 2011
I think animals have their own souls. I would never in a million years believe that a creature capable of love doesn't have a soul.... and every animal is capable of loving, sometimes a lot more than some humans. They die and to the spiritual world as much as we do. And if they help or come to us in times of sorrow, it is by their own will, or, at most, after some human spirit whispers something to their ears... ...myself




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