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Across The Rooftops

30 April 2019

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At night I would have the same recurring dream, over and over. Long after going to bed, I would wake up and become aware of floating in the darkness up above the roof of our house, feeling lighter than a feather, looking back down at the roof below. It was surreal, as if I was only partially aware of what was going on around me and in some wild LSD induced hallucinogenic dream that I had no control over.

Slowly, I would start to float off, head first and face down and always in the same direction. I can still to this day clearly remember looking down from high up and vividly seeing our back garden pass underneath me, as I silently glided through the darkness of night and headed off over the back fences. Once I crossed over the gardens at the back and over the roofs of the houses behind ours, I would float onwards into the darkness… and then nothing, for at just at that point, my memory would always go completely blank. Always.

The next thing I would remember, would be returning back over the roof tops later in the night towards our house, always from exactly the same direction I had left. Once I remember returning with chocolate bars stuffed in the pockets for some bizarre reason, and I was usually alone when I returned, but not always. As an adult my mother commented a number of times how they used to wonder where I got all the chocolate bars from when I was a child and how they would find them hidden all over the house, and I would wonder too as I didn’t know. Usually as I reached the roof above my bedroom I would stop

for a moment, look down, barely making out the roof below in the darkness, before whooshhhh, I would be back in bed. I would briefly wake up, look around my bedroom and fall instantly back to sleep again.

It was a dream that I had over and over, but it never felt like it was a nightmare, as I was never scared. It seemed something very natural and familiar to me and I remember being perfectly at ease with it, whenever it happened, and that was frequently.

taken from our book... Twin Flames Kiss: A Twin Flames Love Story

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