The Day I Met My Twin

29 April 2017
The day was racing past in a slow hazy out of focus blur. The rest of the world around me seemed to go into slow motion, as if it was a giant 3D video inching past a frame at a time. Nothing else mattered to me at that point in time and space. Nothing. I had my apple box with me and was about to board.

I boarded the plane. We taxied for miles across the airport out to the third runway and soared up into the air. Just over an hour later we were touching down at Coolangatta Airport.

I waited for all the usual people who jump up as soon as a plane stops, pushing and shoving to get their carry-on luggage out, only to then be stood blocking the aisle so no-one else can get their things. When the aisle finally cleared I got up and grabbed my bag, and disembarked.

Walking along through the terminal I thought to myself, “this is it, will it, or won’t it be”? I knew it would be ok, but had to be realistic by keeping one foot on the ground. I wondered how the next few minutes were going to play out, it would either be the biggest buzz of my life, or the biggest let down.

My heart was pounding, as I walked through the terminal and drew closer to the exit. I walked down the last short corridor and pulled over to the side, stopped, and stood there for a moment to gather myself. Could I really be in love with someone I had not yet met physically? Was I being stupid? Could she really be as crazy about me without ever being physically together, to feel, to sense, to smell, to touch or feel each others energy? What if she didn’t even show up? Can you really love someone on purely a soul level with no physical dimension involved at all? Or was this a very precious gift?

I took a deep breath and walked on and out through the security exit, which was surrounded by huge glass partitions. I scanned the whole crowd looking for her. I am pretty good at that sort of thing and do not miss much. I noticed a single woman right at the back with jet-black hair, heavy makeup and a white jacket on, who stood out right across the arrivals hall. I wondered if that was Claire and hoped it was.

I walked out and through the crowded barrier exit and suddenly she emerged from the crowd. There she was, standing right in front of me, only yards away. Our eyes met for the very first time, hers burning right into me, into my heart and into my soul. Her bright pink lips broke into a smile, as she slowly walked towards me. She was f*cking gorgeous. Her smile grew bigger and the closer she got to me, the faster she walked. In the cramped busy arrivals terminal she ran into my arms, giving me the biggest hug and we wrapped our arms around each other like a couple of long lost boa constrictors.

We held each other so closely, savouring for the very first time the aroma of each other, the warmth of each other’s bodies, and our energy sparking. Our bodies fitted together like they were made for each other. I was in a daze, but also soon aware of a sea of faces around us that were now all staring with wide eyes right at us. A circular space appeared around us and everyone was looking at us, beaming away with hundreds of happy smiles of wonderment what was going on. She slid the palm of her hand into the palm of mine, sliding each of her fingers between each of mine, and our hands just locked together into place without any pressure being applied, as though they were perfectly designed to fit together. It was just like interlocking my own two hands together. Her soft feminine skin felt like sliding into silk sheets. The feeling of already knowing each other so deeply, emotionally, spiritually, and now finally being together physically was the most intense drug.

As we began to walk over towards the baggage collection chute, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You’re gorgeous". I couldn’t believe it. She must have forgotten to put her contacts in. She was the one who was gorgeous, I know I’m not. Still I held back until we were alone, just in case, when she could tell me honestly if I wasn’t what she had quite expected, as if I was just waiting for the first hints to be delivered. It felt like a mixture of relief and excitement all blended together in one big infusion. It felt like I had just returned home to my own reflection, my beloved, as the warm soft electricity flowed and crackled between us with everyone else in the terminal still staring at us, but fading into a 360 degree blurry painting.

We stood there gripping each other’s perfectly interlocked hands, grinning away at each other and looking down at the amazing feeling coming through them. It was electric. I leaned over to her and told her I thought she was gorgeous too. Other than that, we barely talked. We were just together, and there was a knowingness I had never experienced before. We just knew. It felt like we were just meant to be. No words were needed.

My bag came through and we walked out of the terminal, hand in hand. The rest of the world didn’t exist anymore, because we had just left the planet for a higher plain. We crossed the pedestrian crossing and weaved our way down through the rows of the car park towards her car. I had not even seen it, yet she kept apologising for it in advance. I told her I did not care, it is not important (and it isn’t). We eventually reached her beat up old car she was so embarrassed about, an old light blue Datsun with plenty of rust. I put my bag in her boot, turned to her, took her hand, pulled her close, wrapped my arms around her and we kissed slowly and deeply. It was heaven.

We headed out and onto the highway and turned north. She kept looking at me, her right elbow on the door of the open window and right hand wiggling the steering wheel with two fingers, the other arm changing gear. She had masses of chunky bracelets on both wrists constantly clinking away, sitting in her skin tight leggings, one foot up on her seat in a half lotus position, grinning in every direction and saying ‘f*ck’, over and over, with a very wicked looking grin on her face. Telling me how good looking she thought I was. I found it really hard to believe and it took me a while to realise she was serious.

We eventually stopped at Mermaids bar right on the beach at the Gold Coast for a drink. It was daytime and mid-week, so it was nice and quiet. We walked in and sank into a comfy leather sofa together, with a view of the beach and to the sound of waves roaring in from the Pacific and ordered French champagne. She plonked her left leg over my right thigh and between my legs and nestled her head into my shoulder. It was like it was always meant to be. We sat there in bliss, there was no need to say anything, silently both just knowing this was the beginning of forever.

taken from our book... Twin Flames Kiss: A Twin Flames Love Story

© Copyright 2017




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