Reincarnation And Is Life Just A Virtual Reality ?

26 December 2010
Many years ago I used to play computer games. Usually you would have to navigate an endless series of hazards to complete a level and there would be many levels, each having a whole new set of dangers. The utterly compelling motive would always simply be to get to the end of the last level.

I`d start off, like most, just wanting to get straight into it. I`d plough straight into the first level, with just enough understanding of how to lumber along in a general direction, round the first corner, and be jumped on and eaten by a big blue monster...chomp chomp, dead. Hit the reset button and start again. After 5-6 attempts I might make it past being eaten by the big blue monster, occasionally, only to be crushed by falling rocks...splat, dead. Reset button. 10-20 attempts later I might make it past the big blue monster and the falling rocks, only to fall through a trap door into a ditch...crash. Reset. 20-30 attempts later I would still be trying to get past the big blue monster, the falling rocks AND the darned trap door. I`d realise this is going to be a lot harder than I thought, and isn`t the way to go about it.

I`d sit and ponder. First I`d start again and just learn how to tip toe, walk, run, stop, jump, duck, etc. getting eaten, crushed, etc. along the way, hit reset and start again each time. Then as I understood how to function, I could then take on the nasties. Here comes the first corner, no problems, just tip toe past the nasty big blue monster, then run past the falling rocks, jump over the ditch, and onwards.

Well, I think that`s kind of how life works. We come into life thinking we know it all, blunder along and splat, we`re dead. Before long we start to realise blundering along, trampling other people underfoot, barging our way past others, in the end, just isn`t going to work. We need to develop some skills. It`s not tip toe, run and jump though. It`s love, compassion, empathy, kindness, etc. They are our magic wands. So what is the enemy? Fear.

The big blue monster is our ego, the falling rocks are our arrogance, the ditch is not putting others before ourselves, and so on. Each time we don`t chose the right path, splat, reset, we die, ponder, reincarnate and we start again. We work our way through each Fear and conquer it with some form of Love. It might be only one fear per lifetime. We learn, either quickly or slowly, but nevertheless, eventually do learn, that we won`t get anywhere by just feeding the Ego, being selfish, arrogant, lying, cheating, deceiving, stealing, turning our backs on others, etc. We have to learn the power of Love, and no matter what the problem, it is the only real solution.

Pondering this would mean we would have to reincarnate each time with some residual memory, to retain what we learnt from past attempts and to allow us to build on it. So we can`t start with a clean slate each time. If we can retain some of the good things we chose along the way, maybe we also retain some of the bad things too? It would explain why some souls come with heavy burdens that consume their lives, as if that is the single big blue monster they have to battle in this attempt, but they`re aren`t really burdens, they are opportunities to choose love over fear.

It would also explain why sometimes we are just drawn to a total stranger, or, when we meet someone, we feel we already know them. Or the opposite when we take an instant dislike to someone we don`t even know and for no apparent reason. Trust the soul.

Crazy? I saw a documentary recently where it was estimated that in about 10 years time, the constant increase in computing power would reach the point where computer generated virtual reality would be on a par with the real thing. We will be able to produce life-like virtual realities so real you can`t tell them from the `real` thing.

If there is a creator, then they would have technology way beyond anything we could ever dream of. So maybe, we are all just living in our creators virtual reality and when each one of us gets it wrong, or right, splat, we die, Reset and our souls reincarnate into a new body to attempt again to just choose total Love over Fear.

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Fri 17 Aug 2012
It is insightful.Thank you:) ...Narayani




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