11 October 2013
Throughout my life, I have experienced many synchronicities with people, but usually only with those that I am very close to. In the beginning, it was kind of uncanny and I used to put it down to being just a coincidence at the time. Yet I always believed that there was a magical golden chord connecting those who we truly Love.

We’ve all gone to call someone at some point, when suddenly the phone rings and that very person is at the other end calling us, or perhaps we’ve all sensed that a close relative has died, only to find out some hours later, that indeed they actually have.

Sometimes I would be overwhelmed by a feeling of impending danger, only to witness a car accident around the corner and sometimes I would remember a vivid dream and the very next day watch that very dream unfold on the morning news. I even dreamt once that I was pregnant with twin boys, but that they had both died. I actually did have twin boys. Chris died of cot death at ten weeks and Rick is autistic and is in remission from leukaemia. The Drs said that he wouldn’t make it, as it returned three times… He is still with us and has a story of his own to tell one day.

About fifteen years ago, when life was a b*tch with my last ex husband, I watched Oprah promoting the book, “The Road Less Travelled”, by M. Scott Peck. I remember thinking how much I wanted to read it and that very weekend, I was amazed and delighted when I found a copy on the floor behind a curtain at the hotel where I was staying. It was almost unbelievable, but I realized that somehow our thoughts are absolutely connected to everything in such mysteriously beautiful and wonderful ways, for my desire had manifest, without even contemplating on how I was going to get that book! The universe wanted me to have it, for miraculously, it facilitated the beginning of a very long and painful journey of truth and inner wisdom to my higher self and ultimately, the discovery of finding and loving the real me.

Synchronicity always seems to happen in a pivotal moment in time, where the spirit is awakened to something BIG, or sometimes it just happens to remind us of who we really are in that awakening moment where we begin to really believe in ourselves. It happens in that second in time where attraction and manifestation synchronize somehow.

When Mark and I first connected on the internet (and I mean the very first day), we would both go to say exactly the same thing at the same time and answer each other’s questions before we had even finished typing the questions and hitting “enter”. This was really spooky, because we had never seen each other or spoken to each other before. Yet at the same time, it was also incredibly exciting. Who is this man? I remember thinking. Intrigued and inspired, I did a quick, complimentary Astro compatibility chart on Astrodienst and found that he wasn’t the axe murderer my children had warned me to avoid, and together our chemistry was a mind blowing combination. I didn’t dream of telling Mark that I had done this, but three days later, he had been to exactly the same astrology site, run the same report, but also bought it and emailed me the complete report!

This synchronicity has been there right from the very start. It could terrify some people, but to us it’s awesome, because both of us have always felt we were a couple of odd jig-saw puzzle pieces that someone plunked into the wrong boxes at birth anyway. Magically our connection with each other happens magnetically like the pieces of Yin and Yang attached together at last! It doesn’t seem so strange now, how none of the other pieces in the boxes fitted together with us for very long. They just weren’t meant too.

When we actually met for the first time, it was unbelievable that he was exactly the man of my dreams whom I had wished for since I was a child. He tells me that I too, am the woman he fantasized about since he was just a teenager!

There were so many synchronicities happening between us, which only verifies for us how deeply “meant to be” we are. Mark has also noted these synchronicities in Astrodienst, Seamed Nylons and 11:11 (how we met) if you haven’t already had a peep…

Even the other day, we each came home with a rheem of paper and some highlighters for my son Kai. None of us had discussed the need for such things and we both laughed at the odds of something like that happening on the same day.

We were a bit short on cash recently, so I thought I’d just pop a bit of fuel in the tank to last a day until our weekly drawdown happened. When I checked our bank balance however, I decided there was enough cash after all, so I filled the tank right up to the brim. When Mark went to drive the car, he said, “I thought you were only going to put a drop in today darling and fill up tomorrow”? I nearly choked, because I had only “thought” I was going to do that and he tuned in and heard me without even speaking a word! He said it was so clear, that he was sure that we’d even had a conversation about it… hmmm…

We truly believe that we all have the ability to see the unseen and to hear the unspoken, but it’s a matter of learning to trust that inner voice every time. Mostly, it resounds as a distant, faint whisper and we dismiss it as just some crazy notion not worthy to notice. The magic of synchronicity brings us right back into the moment, reminding us that we are exactly where we should be and that everything is connected to everything in the perfect time and at the perfect place. Have you ever noticed that synchronicity only happens, when we are resonating with Love? It’s the law of attraction and manifestation working together in unison and when we expect it to happen, we are orchestrating a symphony with all that is magic and sacred.

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Sat 23 Jan 2016
A large percentage of of what you say happens to be astonishingly accurate and it makes me wonder why I had not looked at this in this light before. This article truly did switch the light on for me personally as far as this particular issue goes. But there is actually just one factor I am not really too cozy with and whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the actual central theme of the point, permit me observe just what all the rest of the visitors have to say.Very well done. ...Shamiela

Sat 23 Jan 2016
Cant wait to read more about your journey....this is my first article and it totally resonates with me.3 ...Janees




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