Transforming The Dark Shadow Feminine

01 August 2010
LOVE (or spirit) and Fear (or ego) are opposite energies of one another, which each of us chooses each moment to resonate with, whether we consciously know we’re choosing to draw on or not. Whenever we are afraid or p*ssed off, the ego rises, giving us the opportunity to heal something within. This is a natural response and there is nothing wrong with this. There is a lot of negative publicity about the ego in spiritual circles, but we feel it is a natural stress response and can be used as something wonderful in transforming fear based energies into love. When the ego in a woman goes unchecked, the dark shadow feminine is left to unleash her wrath upon all who touch her world. We manipulate, we judge, we hurt, we get snakey, just to get our own way with him… or whatever we want!

Medusa, the epitome of the dark shadow self has presented her persona to every female at some time in our lives. We come into this life with her as a reminder of all the negative aspects we dislike about ourselves and others. We also come into this life with the seeds of the Divine Feminine, which are all the aspects we love and admire in ourselves and in others. In each moment, we are either resonating with one or the other energy.

When we are ready to really love ourselves enough, in states of fear or unhappiness, to honestly face ourselves and be willing to learn why we are resonating Medusa’s energy, we begin to transform. When you can be so brave, as to look at what you really do not like about yourself and what you are really afraid of in the mirror, you are empowering the Divine Feminine essence within to heal the Medusa consciousness. Trust your inner Divine Feminine to speak to you. She will guide and show you step by step how to reprogram your thinking into pure unconditional LOVE. When we are p*ssed off or angry, insecure or jealous, we are just afraid. We need to be very patient and gentle with ourselves, as we nurture and honour these fears within.

This work is not easy, but is a beautiful aspect of the spiritual journey, whereby we can seriously learn to love ourselves through the fear, transforming the dark shadow feminine energy into pure LOVE and spirit and raising our vibration to the Divine Sacred Feminine of higher consciousness and light.

They say that before we are really ready to love another, we must truly learn to love ourselves. That’s why we often choose to be in difficult relationships, or choose to be alone even. Yes, we have actually chosen these relationships or ways of life; they didn’t just happen to us. When we take responsibility for our choices, the transformation can actually begin to take place, whereby we can manifest the very best for ourselves. When we truly love ourselves enough, we either get out of those negative relationships, or we work on ourselves to become more of unconditional love and move the negative energy within to vibrate and attract similar energy in another person. Every relationship is a perfect mirror and a perfect opportunity to do that sacred work on ourselves; it is not an excuse however, to work on or heal the other… for that is classic “dark shadow feminine” behaviour at her most potent.

I used to dump blame on the other person whenever there was tension. This allowed the ego to control both me and the relationship, preventing me from transforming fear into LOVE and from resonating with pure sacred feminine essence by working on myself. I classify this stuff as classic, “dark shadow feminine” behaviour, ultimately blocking me from being pure LOVE and uniting with my beloved twin flame. It is up to each of us to take responsibility for our own choices and not the other person, when there is stress and tension within the relationship. When we concentrate on ourselves and not what’s wrong with the other person, we begin to raise our frequency into the light we LOVE being attracted to in other people.

I have also wrestled to understand and have experienced over and over all the other fear based energies such as jealousy, insecurity, control, impatience, arrogance, doubt, rejection, misery, self – pity, weakness, separateness, judgment, unhappiness, loneliness, punishment, manipulation, despair, abuse, loss, envy, snakeyness, underhandedness and anxiety, which I have learned to transform into LOVE, when willing to face myself and understand the lessons being so unconditionally offered to me with LOVE by my Divine Feminine and through my relationships. If I hadn’t learnt the lessons one by one, the universe would simply provide another opportunity for me until I got it. I guess that’s why I was fifty, before I was really ready to attract my beloved Twin Flame Mark. My relationship with myself had to work first!

Magic happens, when we start learning something wonderful about ourselves through suffering and pain, transforming the Medusa within all of us into light. Energy does not die. She simply transforms and all we have to do is patiently and lovingly do the magic on ourselves.

So who is this lady in the mirror?

Look into her eyes if you dare.

She’s the Divine Sacred Feminine.


© Copyright 2010


Sun 08 Aug 2010
Thanks for posting this. Over the years I'm learning to take completely accountability for myself and the "feed and care" of my soul instead of expecting a man to do it - which I think is the kiss of death for healthy relationships and what the women in the masses tend to do. You are so totally right about your relationship with yourself being the priority. I have learned to have courage, and to face the darkness within myself over and over, taking those parts kept "out of light" and loving them into wholeness. Thank you for posting this - it's nice to know I'm not the only woman out there doing this internal work. ...

Wed 11 Aug 2010
And thank you so much for being so honest in making your comment about this article...I also believe the dark shadow is akin to PRE MENSTRUAL TENSION and I am still looking into the hormonal aspects of the chemical changes within us, creating havoc with our heads so to speak. Could this be a separate problem with being feminine, or just another excuse for our behaviour I wonder? Please feel free to bounce with me, if you have any thoughts... Claire xx ...

Thu 18 Nov 2010
Great article.. I especially like the way you describe the ego. Many spiritual people talk about letting of the ego as if it is not meant to exist at all or that it is something that we need to rise above. Like I understand from your article here you welcome and are not afraid of facing the darkness that the ego represents, so you can transform darkness into light. I really enjoy your website, thanks for creating it. ...Olivia

Sat 26 Mar 2011
So true and valuable reading.Thank you. I am preparing a talk for tomorrow night Sunday, on Lilith:the Dark Feminine and yr article has helped me flesh out what I am trying to get to grips with. All good wishes and let's that dark energy out there so that it can be confronted and integrated and used for powerful transformation. Susan Scott:Johahnesburg South Africa
see; ...susan Scott

Thu 24 May 2012
i am 19 and have recently found my twinflame. it is the most wonderful divine experience of my life. I am truly blessed to have found my twinflame at such a young age. The more i am awaken, the more symptoms appear before me. Everytime I reunite with him for the day and i back home for the night, ive been realizing i make the same EXACT noise in my sleep as you described!! its beyond a good way of course. lol. It's truly a beautiful experience that no one can understand except those who have been reunited with their other half of self. :) Wish you two the best of luck!! God Bless :) ...Nikki




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